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FAQ for College Square Residents

Spirit UFi broadband explained

At College Square Lygon and Swanston, it’s not cable or copper wiring. Spirit UFi is a 100% fiber-optic network direct to the building that can make it a much FASTER way to transfer data for Internet. Spirit’s fiber-optic network provides bandwidth to meet today’s online demands and the potentials of tomorrow. Spirit UFi brings fiber-optics all the way to your building, and to your unit using high bandwidth Ethernet cables. That means a straight shot of information delivered to all your devices. For unrivalled performance and reliability, a 100% fiber-optic network makes all the difference.
At College Square Cobden, super-fast broadband speeds are delivered using Ethernet of Copper technology.

Is Spirit UFi faster than ADSL and Cable?

Through the 100% fiber-optic network that powers Spirit Fibre, you get a level of speed and capacity that ADSL or cable can’t always compete with—especially when it comes to upload speeds. To compare speed performances between ADSL2+, SHDSL, Ethernet over Copper and Spirit Fibre, visit http://www.spirit.com.au/business-fibre-optic-broadband.

How do I connect to Spirit Fibre?

The best thing with Spirit at College Square is that you get INSTANT Internet connection. Simply plug your Ethernet cable into the wall socket and computer, then follow the prompts. If for some reason Spirit’s login page does not come up, type this in your browser http://myaccount.spirit.com.au/login

Is there a cap (data limit) on Spirit Internet Service?

Yes. To browse a data plan that suits your needs, visit this link http://www.spirit.com.au/college-square-application. Out of data? Call 1800 18 14 19 and top up as required. It’s that simple.

What is the minimum contract length with Spirit Fibre?

Upon plugging into the Ethernet port in your College Square unit, you are prompted with two choices:
1. Minimum 6 month contract, which is more cost effective. Check College Square plans here:
2. Month to month contract. Customers on this contract are required to refresh their account at the end of every month to avoid deactivation.

Do I require a modem for Spirit Fibre?

No modem is required.

How do I connect wirelessly?

If you prefer WiFi in your room:
You can purchase one of Spirit pre-configured WiFi Access Points. We will configure and post it to your College Square reception. Wireless Access points can be used with up to 5 devices.

PLEASE NOTE: Plans with speed of 50 Mbps and higher require ASUS Dual Band Wireless Access Point to provide equally fast WiFi service in your room. To help you chose:
Asus Dual Band WiFi – for plan speeds between and 50-100 Mbps – available to buy here.

How many devices can access the Wi-Fi simultaneously?

Up to five devices can be connected to your Wi-Fi simultaneously. To connect more devices, a small fee of $20 applies. This will allow five additional devices to connect wirelessly. Note that as more devices are connected simultaneously, slower connection speed may be experienced.

I live in College Square, and I lost my internet connection

1. Please check the following location:
Start -> Control panel-> Network sharing Center -> Change Adapter Setting -> Local Area connection when plugging PC directly on the wall. Is it showing “Network cable unplugged”, “Limited or no connectivity” or something else?
2. Please check your IP address by double clicking “Local Area Connection” -> “Detail”
3. Simply give us a call and provide the information above and we will troubleshoot as soon as we can

Can I get telephone service with Spirit?

Yes. Spirit provides an alternative to land lines, in the form of affordable IP phones. For more info on Spirit IP phones and services at College Square, visit this link www.spirit.com.au/ip-line-and-phone

Who do I call for help and support?

Please call 1800 18 14 19 for any technical support or email us at [email protected] We promise you won’t speak to machines. Spirit customer service hours are:
• 8.30am – 12 am, 7 Days a week.

Who is Spirit?

We are an Australian company based in Melbourne, Victoria with more than 10 years of operation. A modern ISP, we specialise in Fibre Internet for commercial and residential high-rises. Some of the buildings that we currently service include Freshwater Place, Victoria Points Apartments, Triptych Apartments and Yarra’s Edge. Our service extends Australia-wide.

I am a Spirit UFi Broadband User. And I lost my Internet

1. Have you tried to plug your PC directly into the wall instead of using the router?
2. Have you ever tried to plug any LAN port of your Router to the port on the wall? If you did so, then it is very likely the port will be blocked automatically. Simply give us a call requesting the unblock

I am an ADSL user and I lost my Internet

1. Have you rebooted your modem (Ideally, power it off for one minute, and power it back on)
2. If modem reboot does not help, please try to plug your modem directly to the phone line (bypassing the ADSL Filter and disconnect your handset) to see if there is any luck
3. If still no luck, give us a call and provide us the light status for DSL/ADSL light and www/Internet light (blinking, solid, what colour etc..)

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