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About Spirit

Who is Spirit?

We are an Australian company based in Melbourne, Victoria with more than 10 years of operation. A modern ISP, we specialise in Fibre Internet for commercial and residential high-rises. Some of the buildings that we currently service include Freshwater Place, Victoria Points Apartments, Triptych Apartments and Yarra’s Edge. Our service extends Australia-wide.

I am using NBN connection and I lost my Internet connection

1. Check If Optical light is Green, and if there is light on UID-D1 port (some user may use UID-D2 as well).
2. Make sure your Router still have the PPPOE setting on it. If you have reset your router, then you have to reconfigure your router using the pppoe detail in the letter.
3. You can plug your PC directly into the UID-D1 port to create the pppoe session using the following link to test if identify if it is the router issue instead of connection issue.

I am a NBN/Fibre Broadband User, and I did not get the speed I paid for

1. Please avoid any wireless connection when doing speedtest
2. Please only use www.speedtest.net or speedtest.aapt.com.au for the most accurate speed
3. Try to plug your PC directly into port on the wall/NBN box to get the most accurate speed

Accounts and Payments

Do I have to pay by Direct Debit?

Currently you can pay either with Direct Debit or Credit Card.

What credit cards do you take and is there a charge for using them?

We accept VISA & Mastercard (both at 1.9% surcharge) and American Express (2.9% surcharge). No surcharge on Direct Debits.

General Support

My router is faulty. What do I do?

Call support at 1300 007 001 so your router can be assessed by a technician. Your router has warranty up to 12 months and may be replaced should there be any critical faults.

What kind of support does Spirit provide?

We have 24 hour answer service and support from 8am – 12am.

Where do I go if I need support?

Call 1300 007 001 or go to www.spirit.com.au and chat with our support staff who are on standby or email [email protected]

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