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About Spirit

Who is Spirit?

We are an Australian company based in Melbourne, Victoria with more than 10 years of operation. A modern ISP, we specialise in Fibre Internet for commercial and residential high-rises. Some of the buildings that we currently service include Eureka Tower, Freshwater Place, Vogue, Victoria Point Apartments, Triptych Apartments and Yarra’s Edge. Our service extends Australia-wide.

About UFi

Can I get UFi in my building?

Go to www.spirit.com.au/ufi-data-plans to check if your building is in the list of UFi equipped buildings. If yes, click on your building and apply online.

Can I use my own phone?

Yes, if you already have a corded or cordless phone (with Telstra) you will be able to use it on Spirit UFi bundle services – Data & Voice. Spirit will provide you with an ATA (analogue to digital service adapter) and you will be able to plug your existing phone into telephone port of the ATA. You will also get a new service number with your UFi bundle offer.

If you need to keep your existing number, please consult with our team prior to placing an order, as we will need to confirm your existing phone number as portable (porting charges apply – one-off $40 fee). Also see ‘Can I keep my number’ section.

Do you guarantee your speeds?

We provide very reliable speeds, relative to the chosen plan. However, Internet speeds will vary depending on internet traffic, line condition, hardware and software, the source of download and in-building line condition.

How is UFi different to NBN?

If and when the NBN reaches a high-rise, it means that you may then have multiple choice of carriers, including Spirit. Spirit UFi provides speeds up to 200/200Mbps. NBN provides 100/40Mbps maximum, making their service seem ‘half-fast’, compared to UFi.

I am already on UFi, but I want to upgrade to UFi Internet & Home Phone Line bundle.

You may upgrade by filling out this online form: www.spirit.com.au/ufi-phone-bundle-upgrade-request

What are the data limits?

There are no data limits with the Spirit offer – it is unlimited data.

What do I get from UFi bundle service?

With an additional $1.00 per month you can get a digital phone line, new phone number and analogue-to-digital adapter (ATA). We provide local, national, mobile and international calls at attractive rates. Visit www.spirit.com.au/ufi-data-plans for full breakdown of call packs, call rates and T&Cs.

What does Symmetric mean?

Symmetric means that you receive equal download and upload speeds. For instance, Spirit’s plans start from 25/25Mbps up to 200/200Mbps, compared to current NBN’s plans that start from 12/1Mbps up to 100/40Mbps.

What is UFi?

UFi is an acronym of Ultra-Fast Internet, the name of the Fibre Internet service that Spirit provides to high-rise residences. UFi utilises specially installed fibre equipment within the building, which provides a superior connection that is symmetric, with reliable speeds of up to 200/200Mbps.

What UFi products are available for residents?

1. Spirit UFi Internet
2. Spirit UFi Internet & Home Phone Line Bundle

Will UFi affect my current service with another Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

UFi’s equipment will not affect the service from your current ISP in any way. To experience no Internet downtime, you may cancel your current ISP after UFi has been installed in your home.

About your current service

Can I keep my existing email address?

In most cases you can keep your existing email address with your current email host. We recommend that you check with your provider for details. This only applies if your email address/ account is provided by your current Internet provider such as Bigpond. Email address such as Google and Yahoo will work independently of your Internet provider.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes, You can keep your existing phone number if you wish to stay with your current telephone service provider, or if you choose one of Spirit UFi Bundles with Phone Line service, in most cases we will be able to port (move) your existing number to Spirit. If you choose one of the UFi Data&PhoneLine bundles and wish to move your exisiting Telstra home phone number, please check with us team to confirm your particular service is able to be ported (moved) by calling or using online chat before placing an order.

Will Spirit UFi work with my existing equipment?

Spirit will provide Wi-Fi modem/router to access Spirit Internet at no charge. The pre-configured router will be delivered, installed and tested in home by Spirit approved technician.

Accounts and Payments

Do I have to pay by Direct Debit?

Currently you can pay either with Direct Debit or Credit Card.

What credit cards do you take and is there a charge for using them?

We accept VISA & Mastercard (both at 1.9% surcharge) and American Express (2.9% surcharge). No surcharge on Direct Debits.

General Support

My router is faulty. What do I do?

Call support at 1300 007 001 so your router can be assessed by a technician. Your router has warranty up to 12 months and may be replaced should there be any critical faults.

What kind of support does Spirit provide?

We have online and phone support and service from 8am – 12am.

Where do I go if I need support?

Call 1300 007 001 or go to www.spirit.com.au and chat with our support staff who are on standby or email [email protected]

UFi Costs

Do I have to be locked into expensive contracts?

No – There is a variety of attractive plans to choose from and there is also a no lock-in contract option. We also offer a $1 home-phone bundle. You can check out the plans at www.spirit.com.au/ufi-data-plans

What is the cost to install?

1. UFi Internet only – FREE on an 18-month contract OR $129 on a no-contract option (including free modem)
2. UFi Bundle – FREE on an 18-month contract OR $199 on a no contact option (including free modem & corded VOIP phone on loan.)

What plans are available?

25/25 Mbps
200/200Mbps (In applicable buildings)
Prices start from $67.00, please go to www.spirit.com.au/ufi-data-plans for full pricing and T&Cs.

UFi Installation

Can I have physical connections in multiple rooms?

Yes in most cases, depending on the availability of spare data/Ethernet points in your apartment. An additional charge of $180.00 per hour will apply for additional port activations by a Spirit technician.

I am renting, is there much disruption in the installation process?

There are no disruptions or internal changes to be done in your unit. Only re-wiring is required.

What is the time-frame for Spirit services to be installed?

Usually between 5 & 10 working days from the time an order is placed and typically a technician only required 15 – 30 minutes to perform in-apartment installation.

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