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The Spirit Network

A typical residential multi-dwelling unit (MDU) deployment

Spirit receives a Layer 2 handoff from a fibre carrier to its own network within a building. From that handoff Spirit connects to a WAN switch before running through the spine of the building to ‘Access’ switches, typically located on every third floor. The Access switches connect to Cat5 Ethernet (or higher, to enable superfast speeds) running into an apartment.

Prior to an end customer’s installation the apartment connection must be configured to be able to receive Spirit’s Superfast Internet.

A typical commercial deployment

A commercial office varies to a residential insofar as ‘Access’ switches are not located at every third floor. Rather, the initial business customer in the building (known as the ‘anchor’) is provisioned using a singular Access switch. Additional customers in the same MDU are added to either the same access switch or additional switches are added, depending on volume (customer numbers) requirements.

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