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About Spirit

Spirit is an independent provider of Super Fast Internet, cloud solutions, telephony services and Phone Names.

We are a genuine alternative the NBN. We believe that Australians deserve better Internet access and that’s why we offer a world-class service that’s different – what we call “Serious Internet”. To prove that we are serious, we were recently independently rated as the fastest Internet provider in Melbourne*.

Although our network does not yet reach all Australians, it is constantly expanding. We service residential multi-development units (MDU), businesses of all sizes, student accommodation facilities and community housing across Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW and Sydney.

Our Super Fast Internet is available in some of Australia’s most iconic buildings – both residential and commercial – including Southport Central Towers, Eureka Tower, BHP House and the Medibank Centre.

The Spirit Journey

Spirit began in 2005 as a re-seller of telecommunication products and related services. After substantial organic growth and several strategically successful acquisitions, Spirit transitioned to become a highly competitive non-NBN ISP in its own right.

To achieve this change, Spirit required a substantial increase in infrastructure and operational investment, and on June 26, 2016, Spirit Telecom Ltd listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. A proudly Australian company, begun by Australians for Australians, and owned by Australians.

A further strategic acquisition was made in December 2016, with the purchase of Phone Names. This means our customers can expand the impact of their Spirit services and allows us to deepen relationships with existing customers.

Continuing this growth, in August 2017 Spirit acquired World Without Wires, which offers wireless broadband services for homes and businesses throughout Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales. This partnership furthers Spirit’s mission to be a provider of Australia’s most exciting connected solutions.

In 2018 and beyond, Spirit will continue to expand our network and our customer base, bringing “Serious Internet” to more and more Australians.

Different. Better. Always.

We are not limited by the reach of our fibre network. We deliver Super Fast Internet directly to our customers via Spirit Air – our own ‘last mile’ radio technology – connecting to Spirit’s own dedicated network within a building.

We can provide innovative approaches to complex Internet requirements and our eco-system of technology partners can design, install and manage Super Fast Internet solutions in hard-to-reach locations. Supported by a powerful range of telephony products, we can provide a total communication services to businesses.

A core component of Spirits’ unique fibre network offering is to offer symmetrical download and upload speeds, as seen on the Channel 9 television reality series “The Block” in late 2015**. This is especially important for businesses where large files may be busy moving in “both directions”, especially during peak usage periods. Many Internet packages on the market have slower Internet upload speeds to download speeds. With Spirit, everything happens at lightning speed – up and down – at the same time.

Spirit on The Block

The Spirit Network

* B Grubb, ‘Revealed: the fastest telcos and cities in Australia for broadband’, Sydney Morning Herald, 9 November 2017, http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/revealed-the-fastest-telcos-and-cities-in-australia-for- broadband-20171108-gzhmyb.html.
**Spirit appeared on The Block episode of 24 November 2015 and featured in the next 3 ‘The Block’ series.
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