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ADSL2+ are high speed, broadband Internet access services which operate on a copper telephone line at your premises. These services allow you to access the Internet and use your PSTN telephone service simultaneously.

The actual speeds for the service can vary substantially due to many factors. These include distance from local exchange, quality of phone line, EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference), the number and type of other services using the line, the capacity of the uplink, and customer’s modem/router.

Customers on ADSL2+ plans who are more than 3kms from the telephone exchange and/or with poor quality telephone lines may be limited to ADSL2 (G992.3) or ADSL1 (G992.1) modulation for stability purposes and due to technical limitation of Telstra infrastructure.

It may not be possible to provide an ADSL2+ service due to limitations (RIMs, Sub Exchanges, etc) or incompatibility with a third party carrier’s network. You must have a qualified copper pair at the service delivery address for the ADSL.