Ethernet Over Copper 2017-01-19T11:15:36+10:00


Ethernet over Copper (EoC), also referred to as Mid-band Ethernet (MBE), is the newest type of data packet transmission technology available. Traditional copper wires, known as Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (POTS) lines, are used to transmit data from the customer’s location to the ISP. Metro Ethernet over Copper fills the gap between traditional telecom circuits (T1/ DS3) and fibre based products.

Although EOC uses the same copper lines as DSL, EOC and DSL they are NOT the same. EOC is always symmetrical, meaning your business gets the same upload and download speeds, whereas most DSL (and Cable) is asymmetrical, with more download than upload speeds.

EOC is provided via on site Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that is used to bond 4 to 8 pairs of POTS lines to supply a fast Ethernet connection to your office. The delivery of multiple loops offers a distinct level of redundancy, allowing continuity of services in the event any line failures occur.