A Real Alternative to the NBN – And it’s Bloody Fast

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the NBN is a dinosaur! Prehistoric before it even began, it doesn’t have the capacity to support a business in today’s digital age. That’s why Spirit offers Australian businesses Sky-Speed Internet – a genuine alternative to the NBN. Our fixed wireless network provides you with the speed you need to get ahead. Interested? Read on to learn more about the NBN and how Spirit plays on a completely different level.

What is the NBN?

The NBN is Australia’s largest government infrastructure project to date. Primarily focused towards residential customers – too bad if you’re running a business – it was supposed to provide high-speed Internet access to users across the country. An impressive-sounding introduction, but like most government projects, it hasn’t lived up to expectations.

Instead, it’s become a political football between the different parties, who have been unable to agree upon the best technology and method of delivery. Originally conceived as an FTTN service back in 2006, the K-Rudd Labor party instead proposed to bypass the existing copper network entirely in favour of an FTTP network.

The NBNCo was established in 2009 to manage the project and trial sites were set up across the country. But of course, by 2013 the vision for the NBN changed again, returning to the FTTN version as a result of the Liberal party’s election. It’s now become a multi-technology mix (MTM), with several different networks delivering an Internet connection only marginally better than the copper network it’s replacing.

The NBN: As fast as snail mail

When & where is the NBN being rolled out?

The NBN rollout started in late 2010, with a scheduled completion date currently set for 2020. So far, 9.5 million homes and businesses have been connected to the network. Out of that number, we’re not sure on how many people are actually happy about it, but given 40% are using FTTN (which still uses metres of copper to reach your building), we’d hazard a guess that it’s less than half.

Some of the other technology types used in the NBN rollout include:

  • FTTP
  • FTTC (to the curb)
  • HFC (cable)
  • Fixed wireless (in regional areas only)
  • Satellite (in remote areas only)

While these other technology types don’t use as much copper cabling, they’re not without their problems. The NBN has been delayed time and time again due to infrastructure shortfalls that cause a myriad of issues, from install delays to dropouts to congestion.

If you’re still waiting on the NBN rollout – or if your business is already connected and you’re about ready to throw your modem out your window – there is an alternative. Spirit provides super fast Sky-Speed Internet, which means there’s no copper cabling required – just a radio antenna on the roof of your business that transmits via line of sight back to the nearest base station.

Common NBN issues

Since the beginning, the NBN has been rife with issues. Aside from the outdated technology mix, download speeds are capped at 12mbps, 50mbps and 100mbps depending on how much you pay – barely fast enough to stream Netflix at home, much less run a business. And if your ISP hasn’t purchased enough bandwidth, there’s every chance it’ll be even slower, as you’ll be sharing bandwidth with other users.

As for upload speeds? It’s hardly ever mentioned by both the NBNCo and other ISPs, making it near impossible for businesses to work out whether their service will allow them to successfully video conference, send large files or utilise cloud storage.

On top of that, there have been installation problems due to old or broken infrastructure. This often leads to activation delays and premature disconnection of copper, which means no Internet access at all for months at a time.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Spirit’s fixed wireless network offers quick install within weeks – not months like most other telcos – with no need to disconnect your current connection until everything is ready to go. Our speeds are super-fast and completely symmetrical, so there are no issues using the cloud or anything else.

Find out how slow your NBN is

Don’t just take our word for it though. If you’re already on the NBN and you’ve been noticing a lag, perform a speed test to find out if your NBN is slow.

When you perform the speed test, your download shouldn’t be slower than the average minimum speed for your plan (as advised by your ISP). If it’s slower, it’s probably congested.

Don’t fall into the trap of buying a speed boost! If your NBN is slow due to congestion, a speed boost won’t make it any faster. Imagine increasing the speed limit to 100 on a three-lane road that’s about to merge into a one-lane tunnel. Your best bet is to ditch the ground network and fly above the congestion with Spirit – there’s less resistance up here.

Why choose Spirit over the NBN?

We provide something different. And better. Our network is delivered through the air – it doesn’t rely on an outdated copper technology and it’s definitely not congested. Our Sky-Speed Internet offers super-fast symmetrical speeds up to a bloody fast 1Gbps! This means lower latency and a video conference that feels like you’re in the same room.

More importantly, we own our network – an important distinction. We don’t resell from other providers, it’s all ours! While the NBN is owned and maintained by the NBNCo, they don’t provide to the public. Instead, they resell to the ISPs who then sell to the end-user (you). This relationship has led to handballing blame and a surge in NBN complaints. In fact, the TIO received 14,000 complaints relating to NBN service quality between June and December 2017.

When you choose Spirit, you’re choosing a provider that performs all of the maintenance, upgrades, installations and service. We know exactly what’s happening on our network, so we always deliver our end users the best possible online experience.

What about other alternatives?

For years, one of the main NBN alternatives has been fibre broadband. While the NBN does use this technology, due to the nature of the network it still suffers from severe congestion. It’s also throttled to speeds no higher than 100Mbps.

Fibre broadband from independent providers can achieve higher speeds, however installing the service requires fibre cable to be laid beneath your street to your business, which can take months and also comes with a steep price tag. Fixed wireless Internet from Spirit only requires an antenna on your building’s roof with a line of sight to the nearest base station, so there’s no need to dig up the street. It also won’t cost a small fortune and will be completed within weeks (or often less).

Not the most effective method for Internet access

Is your business not performing on the NBN?

Whether it’s a murky sound on your VoIP phone, an irritating lag on your video conference, or a cloud server that keeps disconnecting because it can’t handle the amount of data you’re transferring – what might seem like small problems can have a big impact on the productivity of your business.

The Internet is a vital component to business in today’s day and age. And it needs to be up-to-speed, or you’ll quickly find yourself falling behind your competitors. That’s why Spirit is offering Australian businesses a better alternative.

The NBN is using technology barely capable of streaming multiple devices at home – and using it for business may as well be a fairy tale. With Spirit, you can download, upload, sync, transfer and connect at lightning-fast pace. Our Sky-Speed Internet is designed to increase your performance and improve your business productivity.

Give your Australian business the Internet it deserves

Spirit is proving the Internet in Australia wrong. You don’t have to spend thousands and wait months for installation just to get a usable service. Our Sky-Speed Internet is a true NBN alternative – delivering super-fast speeds, symmetrical downloads and uploads, low latency and more.

Most importantly, we know business. The NBN is a residential product at best (and a complete waste of taxpayer money at worst); our fixed wireless alternative is designed to support a wide range of business models. Whether you’re looking for crystal clear VoIP phone systems and video conferencing, or high-speed Internet access for cloud storage, Spirit can do it all from above.

Ditch the dinosaur and get in touch with one of our specialists today.

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