A real alternative to the NBN… And, it’s bloody fast!

Internet is now widely regarded as the fourth utility, yet complaints about Internet services have hit a record high, up 41% year on year according to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s Annual Report 2016-2017.

The annual report states that for the first time, Internet services were the largest source of complaints, with 87.8% coming from residential consumers.

A lack of reliable speed can present a number of issues for property developers, owners’ corporations and building or facilities managers, from irate residents to poor CCTV performance.

We are an alternative to the NBN and we have built our own unique network to offer a ‘fit for purpose’, customised approach to residential Internet services. We aim to reduce complaints and costs, while also improving the installation process, Internet speeds and the functionality of Building Management Services (BMS), access control and CCTV services.

“There’s no excuse for bad Internet and our network proves it,” says our General Manager – Strategic Sales, Joe Tigel.

“No two residential buildings are built the same so it makes no sense to attempt a one size fits all solution to Internet installation. The customised approach we take sees our team work with developers and owners’ corporations to find the best configuration for them. For greenfield sites this can save a developer and residents thousands of dollars across a multi-unit development.”

We deliver symmetrical Super Fast Internet beyond 200Mbps for residential apartments, meaning that uploads for things like video calls, storing data on the cloud and working on remote systems are as fast as download speeds for things like streaming on Netflix, web browsing and installing apps online.

“Internet speeds are confusing and many think that buying a bigger package will get them the speed they need. This isn’t always the case as the NBN and big brands offer technology that has users sharing one connection so come 7pm, when most people are home, the average speed plummets. Spirit offers residents single connections so the speed they buy is the speed they get,” says Joe.

Additionally, Joe notes that legacy technology used by NBN and its resellers can struggle to provide consistent speeds over distance, often creating weaker connections on upper floors. Our technology allows it to deliver consistent speeds building-wide, improving residents’ experiences in their apartments and boosting public area WiFi and the reliability of BMS and CCTV systems.

“We are ultimately offering better choice and our customers agree, with our satisfaction scores regularly sitting around 17% above the industry standard based on our customer data and a CHOICE Survey reported by the ABC in July 2017,” says Joe.


Based on an article that was written on build.com.au