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Five things every startup should consider when starting a business

5 things every startup should consider when starting a business Every entrepreneur believes they have created an innovative new product or service that will disrupt the market, and while many may be correct, there are a few essential steps they need to take before diving in headfirst and starting a business. Here we outline the top five things every startup company should consider before doing all that disrupting, including a digital presence and super-fast wireless small business broadband Internet. A website, of course Having a website is no longer optional, it’s essential. In the digital age, people will often head to [...]

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Improving workplace productivity through the Internet of Things

Improving workplace productivity through the Internet of Things Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning, and remotely turn on the coffee machine at work while you brush your teeth as you’re rushing out the door? And then when you jump into the car and start the engine, your navigation comes up and has pre-calculated your quickest route to work. Or your watch sends you alerts to tell you that you should take the train today, as you didn’t clock up enough steps yesterday. No, this isn’t a scene out of the 90s hit Back to the Future; this [...]

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How does the Internet get to Australia?

From here to the world! The 5 fibre optic submarine cables connecting Australia to the globe. How does the Internet get to Australia? If you’re reading this blog, congratulations, you’re one of 3.2 billion people using the Internet today! We couldn’t imagine life without it, but chances are, you don’t know how the Internet actually gets to these fine Australian shores and ultimately, into the device in front of you. Anyone over the age of 25 would probably remember the dial-up days where you had to unplug the phone so you could connect to the Internet. Oh, such cherished memories.So how [...]

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Working From Home Survival Guide

Working From Home Survival Guide How to stay productive and connected Thanks to cloud technology, high-speed Internet and a large range of collab apps (like Google Drive & Slack) working from home is becoming easier by the day. Why wouldn’t you want to roll out of bed a bit later, skip the morning commute and work in your activewear? That all being said, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Ask most people who work from home on a regular basis, and they’ll tell you it's a double-edged sword. You might get a lot of work done, but you often sacrifice the [...]

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NBN Faults: How to avoid congestion

NBN Faults: How to avoid congestion Future-proof your home. Don’t get stuck in the NBN traffic jam. From TVs and laptops to cars and fridges, the future is endless when it comes to your home going online. Make sure your Internet can handle it. There’s been a bit of noise created lately that congestion on the NBN’s network is a real issue that is only getting worse. And with no plans to update the already out of date fibre to the node technology, there are also no signs that the NBN is going to be getting better, any time soon. What [...]

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How to find the best Internet provider

How to find the best Internet provider Have you had enough of slow Internet? Are you disappointed with the NBN in your area? Here’s how to find the best alternatives you have available. There are plenty of alternatives out there that have proven themselves better than the slow and already out of date NBN. With fibre to the node the only option in many areas, it's no wonder that Australians are looking into fixed wireless Internet alternatives that connect right to their home with a faster and better connection. With NBN network congestion now worse than it’s ever been, looking into [...]

What Makes The Spirit Network “Different. Better.”

Well for a start our network is not the NBN. And that’s a good thing for you! Yes, you really do have an alternative to the NBN, and it’s a great one.   Sorting Through The Confusion There’s a lot of uncertainty in the Internet market in Australia about who does what. In particular, no one is quite sure what the NBN actually is, and who the ever-growing group of resellers are. Just exactly who is selling what, and is it actually any good? Australia is entering a new era of Internet usage based on a mixture of fibre, copper, wireless [...]

We’re Serious About Internet

Spirit Managing Director, Geoff Neate, spoke to Telecom Times last week about who Spirit is; and who we want to be in the High Speed Internet market. Geoff committed that we're not here to take on the NBN. We're a genuine alternative to the NBN, and we work to deliver the amazing speeds Australia deserves. "Where we go, where we enter into a particular market, be it a building or geographic expansion, we’re going to go in with a strategy that allows us to win. We win by providing better Internet - Serious Internet." What It Means To Have "Serious Internet" The [...]

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Press Release: Spirit Telecom launches up to 200Mbps fibre optic residential Internet

Triptych apartments in Southbank, Melbourne in collaboration with Spirit Telecom has now made up to 200Mbps Internet available to each resident in their prestigious high rise building. Spirit has lifted the ‘how fast is fast?’ argument to a new level with the introduction of the 200Mbps unlimited fibre optic plan. As ‘smart’ network enabled devices continue to demand additional bandwidth, this new Internet speed benchmark has enabled Triptych residents to enjoy the fastest Internet available and future proof their building with speeds twice that of the NBN. Recently installed, residents are already enjoying the benefits of speeds of up to 200Mbps. [...]

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High Speed Fibre Internet = Increased Property Value?

A hot topic that has gotten people talking lately centres on the proposition that high Internet speed or more specifically Fibre Internet, increases property value. Research in the US and the UK highlights the positive correlation between the two. When google launched its gigabit Fibre service in July 2012, Google Access General Manager announced that a direct Fibre Optic connection to a home will improve the home value by between USD2,000 – USD5,000. A recent study by Wichita State University noted that “Kansas City housing market is clearly on the rebound” and that home values were expected to rise 2.7 percent in 2014, [...]