High speed Internet for business – What is the best plan for you? | Spirit

We’re looking into the best high speed Internet plans to suit your business When it comes to searching for an ISP that can provide high speed Internet for your business, the first step is finding the right provider for you (we’ve unpacked this sometimes tedious process here), the second step requires you to work out which plan best complements your business size and needs.Internet plans aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so it’s always best to jump on the phone and chat to your provider directly to ensure you’re getting everything you need for the best price. A higher bandwidth plan doesn’t always [...]

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How cloud-based computing can help with the rise of flexible working

Connect your workplace anywhere, any time We’re living in a time where more businesses are moving towards flexible working conditions that allow employees to work at the times and in the locations that suit their personal schedules. It’s a great solution to support those looking for a flexible work-life balance, but how can you make it viable for your businessCloud-based computing is the first step in ensuring a seamless transition from a work office, to a home office, to a laptop on the road. No matter where your employees travel, if they’re connected to the Internet they can access office data [...]

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Why Faster Internet Is Crucial For the Growth of esports in Australia

Thanks to the Internet, esports is one of the worlds fastest growing industries. But with its rapid growth in Australia, the current state of our mainstream ISPs isn’t quite enough to support demand. To take it’s game to the next level, Australian esports needs a better connection.

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Geoff Neate speaks to The Business

https://spirit.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/IMG_4913.TRIM_.mov Geoff Neate speaks to The Business Since 2005, our network has expanded through substantial organic growth and strategic acquisitions and now spans three of the biggest cities across Australia’s East Coast. Our Managing Director, Geoff Neate, recently sat down with the ABC’s Alicia Barry to chat all about our growth and recent LinkOne acquisition. He also unpacked the latest Internet news impacting Australians and the issues surrounding the not-so-fast, not-so-wonderful NBN. Copper lines? Snail-paced NBN? 5G technology? Best Internet for Netflix? Hear it all above.

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How Internet Helps Business – Powering Eureka Skydeck

We chatted with the Operations Manager at one of Melbourne’s favourite tourist attractions to see how Spirit Internet helps their business. Our super-fast Sky-Speed Internet powers some incredible businesses across Australia, including the highest public vantage point in the Southern Hemisphere – Eureka Skydeck. We’ve been helping the Eureka Skydeck team not only communicate with staff and customers, but also power several of their systems such as soundscapes, sound effects, and lighting for the past two years. We were lucky enough to chat with Operations Manager, Robert Rabba, about how the Internet helps business at Eureka Skydeck. We also got to [...]

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We’re expanding up the east coast! Linkone group acquisition & capital raise of $4.2million

We’re expanding up the East Coast! Linkone Group acquisition & capital raise of $4.2million We’re continuing our growth and expansion up Australia’s East Coast with the recent acquisition of LinkOne group. The acquisition will see our wireless network grow further through Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, enabling more businesses to access our super-fast Sky-Speed Internet range. Find out what The Australian had to say about it here. Or read on. Our Managing Director, Geoff Neate said, “The acquisition of LinkOne brings to Spirit an instant accretive expansion into Brisbane and Sydney and is geographically complementary in Melbourne. This is an exciting acquisition [...]

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How Poor Internet Can Cost You Business Customers

Going, Going, Gone! How Poor Internet Can Cost You Business Customers Isn’t it crazy to think that fast Internet used to be a luxury? These days, anything less than instantaneous loading is considered subpar and we couldn’t agree more. In business, failure to accommodate high-speed Internet can reduce your responsiveness to enquiring customers, while also denying your employees the key tools they need to get the job done. It’s time to stop living in the dark ages and consider the part high-speed wireless Internet (I swear we’re not biased) can play in the making your business a success. Employee effectiveness Imagine [...]

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The five best Internet productivity tools for your business

We’re delving into the best Internet productivity tools to decrease paper waste and increase productivity. While the Internet can often be seen as a distraction in our daily lives - scrolling feeds, checking notifications and breaking our attention - it’s actually one of the most powerful tools you can harness in your business to help increase productivity. Finding the tools to get the most out of your time, streamline your day and manage your priorities are key to ensuring you’ve got time for the important things; like servicing your clients and connecting with your customers.Today we’re delving into the fivesix  best [...]

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Five things every startup should consider when starting a business

5 things every startup should consider when starting a business Every entrepreneur believes they have created an innovative new product or service that will disrupt the market, and while many may be correct, there are a few essential steps they need to take before diving in headfirst and starting a business. Here we outline the top five things every startup company should consider before doing all that disrupting, including a digital presence and super-fast wireless small business broadband Internet. A website, of course Having a website is no longer optional, it’s essential. In the digital age, people will often head to [...]

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Improving workplace productivity through the Internet of Things

Improving workplace productivity through the Internet of Things Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning, and remotely turn on the coffee machine at work while you brush your teeth as you’re rushing out the door? And then when you jump into the car and start the engine, your navigation comes up and has pre-calculated your quickest route to work. Or your watch sends you alerts to tell you that you should take the train today, as you didn’t clock up enough steps yesterday. No, this isn’t a scene out of the 90s hit Back to the Future; this [...]

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