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Unified Communications & Business Voice Solutions

“By 2020, Telephone services delivered by the Cloud will overtake services delivered via on-premises equipment”


Simplify your business communications
needs in two simple steps with our voice bundles.


Build a custom communications solution for your business with our Cloud UC platform


Transition to the cloud at your own pace


Make and take calls over your Internet connection


Simplify your business communications needs in two simple steps with our voice bundles.

Turnkey solution for your phone system

Fully customisable options that scale with your business

Predictable spend

Everything you need in one easy to choose pack

  • Intelligent call handling with Time of Day Routing
  • Automatically distribute calls using Hunt Groups and Queues
  • Dedicated business voicemail
  • Park and pickup calls with Virtual Park User
  • Porting and Hosting up to 100 Numbers
  • Softphone for your desktop and mobile
  • Go national with a 1300/1800 number
  • Get professional recordings for your menus, ads, and on-hold messages
  • Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles (AU, NZ)


A tailored communications solution for your business

Faster communication across the business

Lower your IT and telephony costs

Single office or multiple sites

Amazing call quality

Australian businesses are shifting to the cloud!

Traditional phone systems are becoming a thing of the past – and for good reason. They’re old, outdated and compared to modern systems, they’re expensive to maintain and lack the features any successful business needs. Put simply, you pay more to get less, and we think that just doesn’t make sense. The good news is that if you’re looking to upgrade your current system, we’ve got better technology to offer.

With Spirit’s Unified Communications Solution (Spirit Cloud UC), you won’t need expensive hardware, because the entire system runs in the cloud. Collaborating with teammates, sending files and using instant messaging is a breeze. You can also take and make calls across all of your devices, even if you’re on the beach in Bali.


Suits home office or private users
  • Simple telephony at a nice price
  • Voicemail with email notification
  • Call waiting, forwarding and transfer


Great for any business looking to move to the cloud
  • Enterprise grade voice solution
  • Softphone for desktop and mobile
  • Outlook integration


For any business wanting to leverage cutting-edge technology
  • Powerful Unified Communications suite
  • Voice, video, chat and screen sharing
  • Multi-party collaboration

Not ready to upgrade your equipment?

With so many telcos telling you to hurry up – we’re telling you the opposite. Outsmart the Copper Shutdown.

Use your existing hardware

Go at your own pace

Easily scales up and down

Outsmart the copper shutdown

Spirit Smart SIP

Yes, most traditional phone services will be switched off by 2020. But with Spirit, you can relax and move to the cloud at your own pace.

Our SIP solution, delivered over our super-fast independent network, puts the control back in your hands. It’s a convenient, quality SIP service that will let you expand your onsite PBX – rather than getting rid of it altogether. And, it’s a better (and more affordable) alternative to Australia’s soon-to-be decommissioned copper network.

Spirit Smart ISDN

Does your existing phone system require copper lines to function, but you’re not ready to upgrade your hardware? With Spirit’s Smart ISDN you can move to the cloud at your own pace. Smart ISDN acts as a translator at your site, taking digital SIP lines from our Sky-Speed wireless network and translating them into ISDN, so your onsite PBX can continue working. And, it’s a better (and more cost effective!) alternative to Australia’s soon-to-be decommissioned copper network


With NConnects, talking is low cost – and it’s also great quality.

Quality sound

Unlimited access

Flat monthly fee

Flexible contracts

NConnects is our teleconferencing service that lets you talk as long as you like, as often as you like, without charging any extra. And because we never send calls over the Internet, you know you’ll always get great sound and security of service.
  • Unlimited and untimed
  • Low monthly subscription
  • Easy web control panel
  • Complete visibility – see who’s there and who’s on mute
  • No confusing star hash codes on your handset
  • Simple ‘raise hand’ feature – see who wants to speak
  • Automatic noise reduction and volume control
  • One-click recording

To find the best service for your business, talk to our Voice Solutions specialists today!