How important is your TV Internet Connection?

In the age of Netflix and HDTV, will your TV Internet connection hold up? The way in which we consume TV has changed drastically over the years. We’re no longer tuning into low definition channels and waiting impatiently for the ad breaks to be over. We’ve moved into a generation of high definition and on demand viewing. It’s so important to ensure your TV Internet connection can keep up to speed with all of the changes. The latest figures show that 11.2 million Australians have Netflix subscriptions in their households. If you’re one of the millions wanting to stream movies and [...]

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We look at how you can use your business Internet to end the financial year with a bang.

We look at how you can use your business Internet to end the financial year with a bang. With June 31st fast approaching, people around the world are busy preparing for the new year. However, instead of heralding this new year with fireworks, champagne and countdowns, we’ll be doing our tax returns. Goodie! Of course, end of financial year represents much more than just tax returns. It is also important for businesses to reflect on their achievements and formulate goals for the next financial year. Underpinning all of this is the Internet, which streamlines processes and guarantees less headaches at this [...]

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How can the Internet help you grow your business online?

How can the Internet help you grow your business online? In 2018, online spend in Australia reached a 10% share of total retail sales. Over the past few decades, we have seen connectivity grow and an incline of people flock to online marketplaces to find their favourite products and services. So many diverse industries are capitalising on the growth opportunities that come with Internet connectivity, and with the rise of the eCommerce industry, there has never been a better time to grow your business. With approximately 87% (21.74m) of Australians actively browsing, it’s easy to understand why online stores are proving [...]

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Remove Speed Bumps at Work – Why Symmetrical Internet Speed Is a Need, Not a Want

Remove Speed Bumps at Work - Why Symmetrical Internet Speed Is a Need, Not a Want Is Internet speed a hot topic around the water cooler in your office? Symmetrical speeds play a big part when it comes to the productivity of your team, reducing downtime spent waiting (and waiting, and waiting...) for data to be downloaded and uploaded simultaneously. If you’re noticing a lag in loading online files or software at work, it’s because you’re probably using an asymmetrical business Internet plan. It’s time to treat your team and shape up with symmetrical speeds. How often have you sat down [...]

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It’s time to light up Morwell with Sky-Speed Internet and 5G technology!

It’s time to light up Morwell with Sky-Speed Internet and 5G technology! Morwell will be the latest town in Regional Victoria to enjoy Sky-Speed Internet, thanks to our $1.1 million project with the Victorian State Government.Spirit has signed its second million-dollar deal with the Victorian State Government to deliver super-fast Internet, using 5G technology to the State’s regional town of Morwell. This now brings a total of $2.8M in State Government contracts Spirit has won to build super-fast networks in regional Victoria.After a thorough tender process, Spirit has been awarded $1.1 million to complete the project and is thrilled to be [...]

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Is your business phone system ready for the ISDN disconnection?

The copper networks are being disconnected. Let’s discuss your ISDN and PBX, and how you can prepare for a post-copper world. Fast approaching on the horizon is an important date in Australia’s history; in 2020, the copper network will be shutdown. The decommissioning process of ISDN has actually already begun in many areas, and it will very soon affect businesses all across Australia. If you don’t outsmart the copper, the copper will outsmart you, undoing all of your hard work to achieve unified communications in your business. So how can you prepare for the ISDN disconnection, and ensure that your unified [...]

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Spirit announces acquisition of building connect and expands footprint in Sydney market

Spirit announces acquisition of Building Connect and expands footprint in Sydney market. One month after our LinkOne acquisition, which saw our network expand further across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, we’re super proud to announce our latest acquisition of Building Connect! We’re dedicated to expanding our existing network so more Australians have access to the Internet they deserve; super-fast, Sky-Speed and soaring high above the congestion. This latest acquisition will see our Sydney footprint continue to grow, particularly western Sydney! Being Australia’s 3rd largest economic region, home to 47% of Sydney’s population, and making up 31% of Sydney’s gross regional product, it [...]

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High speed Internet for business – What is the best plan for you? | Spirit

We’re looking into the best high speed Internet plans to suit your business When it comes to searching for an ISP that can provide high speed Internet for your business, the first step is finding the right provider for you (we’ve unpacked this sometimes tedious process here), the second step requires you to work out which plan best complements your business size and needs.Internet plans aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution, so it’s always best to jump on the phone and chat to your provider directly to ensure you’re getting everything you need for the best price. A higher bandwidth plan doesn’t always [...]

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How cloud-based computing can help with the rise of flexible working

Connect your workplace anywhere, any time We’re living in a time where more businesses are moving towards flexible working conditions that allow employees to work at the times and in the locations that suit their personal schedules. It’s a great solution to support those looking for a flexible work-life balance, but how can you make it viable for your businessCloud-based computing is the first step in ensuring a seamless transition from a work office, to a home office, to a laptop on the road. No matter where your employees travel, if they’re connected to the Internet they can access office data [...]

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Geoff Neate speaks to The Business Geoff Neate speaks to The Business Since 2005, our network has expanded through substantial organic growth and strategic acquisitions and now spans three of the biggest cities across Australia’s East Coast. Our Managing Director, Geoff Neate, recently sat down with the ABC’s Alicia Barry to chat all about our growth and recent LinkOne acquisition. He also unpacked the latest Internet news impacting Australians and the issues surrounding the not-so-fast, not-so-wonderful NBN. Copper lines? Snail-paced NBN? 5G technology? Best Internet for Netflix? Hear it all above.

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