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That will change the way you communicate with your customers, free your business from hidden costs and make it even more profitable. And one more thing… It will make your competitors GREEN with envy!

Completely redesigned for 21st century business.
Cloud Hosted PBX – Challenge your imagination!

So you pick up the phone on your desk, and call your Sales Manager on his extension to get an update on the weekly figures. He decides he’d like to conference in the Marketing Manager on his extension, and the three of you have a conversation with a brand new idea that could take the market by storm. OK, you are talking about last Sunday’s footy match. Go Saints!

Sounds like your normal phone system right?

It wasn’t. It was Spirit Cloud Hosted PBX – you are in Melbourne, your Sales Manager is in Sydney branch, but since you called him on his extension, the call was free, and your Marketing Manager, who operates out of Brisbane, wasn’t at his desk so the PBX ‘twinned’ the call to his mobile phone after a few seconds. So here you are having a conversation as if you were in the same office. While you are on the phone someone leaves a voicemail for you which automatically get’s emailed to your phone as a sound attachment. Welcome to a 21st century phone system.

The benefits and features list of cloud-hosted PBX is so extensive, we prepared a BENEFITS SUMMARY PAGE with more detailed information and links to features list.

Real Benefits to Business Owners:

  • Ultimate flexibility – limited only by your imagination
  • Fully scalable to your business needs
  • Secure and Reliable
  • Premium Quality – calls NEVER go over the Internet
  • Lower ongoing maintenance costs
  • No PBX hardware to buy other than the phones and a switch
  • Unite all your workers, regardless of their physical location
  • Open new offices without the need to buy another PBX
  • Stop paying for expensive external Teleconferencing
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Big savings on all calls – cut your telecom bill size