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Cloud Hosted PBX Summary

Spirit Hosted PBX is a secure full featured phone system, sitting within our network. Our Hosted PBX provides greater flexibility and productivity, by providing a range of advanced features and functionality, without the need to blow out your budget. The three main factors to evaluate the benefits of our PBX are economic, technical and end user.

Flexible and Economical

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Consider the phone system that you are purchasing. It is anticipated that the system will last 3-5 years. Now consider in that time the changes that will occur to your business, the macro environment and the evolution of technology… How do you purchase for that?

With Spirit Cloud Hosted PBX you can:

  • Scale up or down as your business grows or consolidates – Only pay for what you need, not what you purchased 3-5 years ago.
  • Avoid the cost of an capital expensive PBX box systems or servers that takes up room and resource within your office
  • Take advantage of the more economical DSL connections that can carry more phone calls than the more expensive ISDN alternative.
  • Get a fully featured system without having to upgrade equipment.

Technically Smart

Minimal IT support required

Spirit Hosted PBX is just that – Hosted. It means that, outside of the handsets, there is no equipment necessary. Even the handsets can be avoided, with a ‘soft phone’ application. That means that costly maintenance visits to re-program phone systems is a thing of the past – it can all be done via a simple web interface.

Other benefits that will make your IT guys happy/happier 🙂

  • Plug and play set up. Your phone arrives ready to be plugged in and used. Each handset is pre-programmed for your business, following your specifications. That way, when the handset is received, it is ready to go.
  • Automatic upgrades are provided via software changes and not hardware upgrades.
  • Work from anywhere. In the unlikely event of a significant power &/ network disruption to your office(s), the business continuity capability means that you and your team simply pickup the phones and take them to another office, or log in remotely and have calls forwarded to your preferred destination.
  • Automatic Fail-over. Further, phone system can be pre-programmed to failover calls to different office, location in the event of power outage or similar – this provides seamless experience to your callers.
    Even if/when all other systems are down – you will at least be able to take the calls. This is powerfull if you compare this to having to call your current provider and beg them to put call diversions, should your power or current equipnt fail. This can take hours to put in place and cause frustration and loss of potential business.

End-user friendly

More Functionality

The feature set of Cloud Hosted PBX is too large to list our here. With dozens of advanced features, normally found in enterprise level (and cost!) PBX systems, Spirit cloud-hosted PBX will start with your current needs, however simple or complex they are, and scale up with your business, … no additional licensing fees, etc, required. Features such as Voicemail-to-email, mobile twinning (ie. system calls your mobile if you are not at your desk), ‘take-your-handset-home’, in-built outage fail-over and many other clever features will hopefully ignite your imagination and help you find creative ways to use cloud-pbx to make your business more efficient, more smarter, pro profitable.

Improving Productivity is a business objective of any CEO. So, being able to make and receive calls in multiple places, on multiple devices means that your team is no longer needing to be tied to their desk to achieve productivity.

As your business, technology and your personnel evolve, you want to be able to rely on a system that will evolve with you. Spirit’s PBX not only provides you with this ability, but also does so more economically than ever before.

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