We are very pleased to announce that the LinkOne Group (Anttel, LinkOne & Ignite Broadband) has been acquired by Spirit. LinkOne and Spirit are now working together to deliver enhanced super-fast Sky-Speed Internet across Australia.

All existing customer services remain supported, business as usual.

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Sky-Speed Internet

We operate through-the-air, above the cables, above the traffic and above the congestion. So search now to see if you too can get on our level. Powering businesses in VIC, NSW & QLD.

Spirit - Internet for Apartments & Units

Bigger Biz Internet

Over 25 people & looking for some serious bandwidth?

Small Biz Internet

Just starting out or have less than 10 employees? We have you covered.

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Voice Services

Phone calls, file sharing, chat, video conferencing and so much more.

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Phone Names

Boost your brand recognition with your business name built into your number.


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Genuine Alternative to the NBN

We use the latest tech to deliver far superior voice and Internet services. To us, the NBN is a dinosaur

Spirit - Sky-Speed Internet

Symmetrical Speeds

Our upload & download speeds match. This means ultra-smooth VOIP calls, video-conferencing & large file sharing

Spirit | Fast Business Internet & Managed IT Services - Seriously Fast Internet

Bloody Fast Speeds

Overtake competitors easily with speeds up to 1Gbps & beyond

Flexible Options

Whatever combination of data and voice solutions your business needs, we can deliver it cost-effectively

Australia’s Most Trusted Managed IT Service Provider - Unlimited data

Low Latency

Our single-digit millisecond latency allows you to seamlessly process incredibly high volumes of data

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Quick Install

We’ll install you within 30 business days. Most other Telcos take months!


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