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Decide if you want your Internet fast, super fast or bloody fast! All of our plans come with unlimited data and symmetrical speeds, which means you can upload as fast as you download. You don’t often see that with other providers!


Min. charge is $1,368 on 18 month term
Min. charge is $205 on 0 month term.


Min. charge is $1,422 on 18 month term
Min. charge is $208 on 0 month term.


Bloody Fast Speeds

Which is exactly what you want when streaming 4K Netflix, hosting a video conference, playing Fortnite and socialising online all at the same time. The speed stays seriously fast.

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Unlimited Data

Do what you want, when you want, as much as you want, 24×7. Because worrying about data usage is so old school.

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We’re Not The NBN

Compared to us, that thing is a dinosaur. We’re wireless and delivered through the air. This is the future of broadband. We’re faster, better and different.

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30-Day Promise

If we don’t deliver the best Internet you’ve ever had within 30 days, we promise to pack up and go home, no questions asked. But we reckon that’s highly unlikely.

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Symmetrical Speeds

What does that mean? It’s simple. You can upload as fast as you download. Say goodbye to lag.

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Flexible Contract Options

We know nothing lasts forever so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you want to go month to month, that’s cool with us.


We’re not the only ones who love Spirit. Read what our customers have to say.

“Awesome job, very professional and setting high standards for others to follow.”

Ralston Apartments

“The whole experience has been fantastic, thank you, and the connection is amazing.”

The Artist Apartments

“Quick, uninterrupted.”

Eureka Tower


Ever missed out on concert tickets because your browser was too slow? How many times have you tried to open a large file at work only for the download to time out? We can’t relate. Our speeds are amazing.

Check how your current Internet provider stacks up here.

1. Assuming average file size of 5MB at 200Mbps download
2. Average Australian download speed 11.1Mbps – Akamai. State of the Internet Report Q1 2017. Retrieved:
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: All pricing is GST Inclusive unless otherwise stated and is only available to approved customers. Minimum cost on a 18 month term is selected monthly plan cost multiplied by 18. An early termination fee of $199 or the lesser of the plan fee multiplied by the months remaining applies while in contract. Minimum cost on a no-contract term is $129 plus first monthly fee of selected monthly plan. Once minimum contract is completed the services will continue billing on a monthly basis until notified in writing at [email protected] For residential use only. Spirit Standard Form of Agreement applies and available at
Internet performance disclaimer: Spirit has tested the speeds that we deliver in a properly configured building and have delivered constant speeds above that advertised throughout numerous points and multiple levels of the building. However there are still other factors that can impact Internet performance inside your apartment. Factors such as the hardware and software you use, WiFi performance, interference from other wireless networks and household appliances, server-side bottlenecks and other devices accessing Internet via your router at the same time. When ordering Internet services above 100/100 Mbps, make sure that your home devices are gigabit-enabled and have required configuration capable of sending and accepting data above 100/100 Mbps. WiFi is not a reliable indicator of measuring Internet performance as it’s affected by many environmental factors outside our control.
~Please note, for plan speeds of 200Mbps and above, in some buildings, it may not always be possible to connect the Spirit UFi while also keeping your existing DSL and/or PSTN phone services working after the install. In such cases you may choose one of the following options: a) Proceed with your 200/400Mbps data plan order and, after the install, cancel your phone PSTN and/or DSL services with your incumbent service provider*. A PSTN phone line is not required to run Spirit UFi. b) Choose one of 200/400Mbps bundle plans, which include a digital phone line with a new number**, and cancel your PSTN and/or DSL services with your incumbent service provider* once the Spirit services are installed. c) If you must keep your current PSTN and/or DSL lines/services, chose the 100Mbps data plan instead, which will not affect your current phone and data services. *Check with your current provider about the minimum notice period required for cancellations. ** You will get a new geographic number and one analogue telephone adapter (ATA) for your current phone equipment. Number porting is subject to availability, see the Spirit bundle plans for porting details.
1. Offer only valid for new Spirit Residential customers
2. On sign-up, any new customer redeeming 3 months free is required to pay their first month. The number of free months will then be applied to the invoices for the subsequent 3 months. Customers claiming 3 months free are required to sign up for a minimum 18-month contract.
3. On sign-up, any new customer redeeming 6 months free is required to pay their first 3 months. The 6 free months will then be applied to the invoices for the subsequent months. customers claiming 6 months free are required to sign up for a 24-month contract.
4. Customers who redeem this offer and terminate their Spirit contract early agree to pay the total number of free months received plus a termination fee of $199.
5. Customers are unable to downgrade their service during the contract period.
Customers wishing to downgrade during the contract period will be required to cancel and reconnect their service, resulting in early termination fees and set up fees.
6. Offer is not available to commercial customers, or residential customers at Atherton Gardens Estate Fitzroy, Collingwood Estate, College Square Apartments, and any Student Residences.
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