Well for a start our network is not the NBN. And that’s a good thing for you! Yes, you really do have an alternative to the NBN, and it’s a great one.


Sorting Through The Confusion

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the Internet market in Australia about who does what. In particular, no one is quite sure what the NBN actually is, and who the ever-growing group of resellers are. Just exactly who is selling what, and is it actually any good?

Australia is entering a new era of Internet usage based on a mixture of fibre, copper, wireless and satellite transmission.

The Government has built one model, but it is very important that people understand that it is not the only option available to them.

At Spirit, we have our own independent network, operating with “Super Fast” speeds – from 25Mbps up to 200Mbps for residential apartments, and from 50Mbps up to a whopping 1Gbps for businesses – in selected locations around Australia*.


A Better Network Model

We decided to create our own network because we had a vision. Call it an obsession, frankly. We won’t mind. We simply believe that Australians deserve better Internet access – what we call “Serious Internet”.

Australia currently ranks FIFTIETH in the world for average Internet speeds**. That’s just not good enough! And it certainly isn’t good enough for people who want to do more with their Internet right now, or as people’s needs grow rapidly in the very near future.

So why is our network “better”? What gives it the extra oomph you need?

Well, we could wax lyrical on that for hours, but it comes down to two main reasons.

Firstly, we wanted to move chunks of information about more quickly, so we designed “data centres” equipped with extraordinarily fast and reliable technology to make that possible. But it’s when we get to you that things really get exciting. Not only do we whizz stuff to you very fast using fibre technology, but when our network reaches your building, it works faster inside your building than what other older technologies can deliver.

So, for example, someone on the top floor of a building – who presumably is paying top dollar to be there – often gets slower Internet than someone closer to the ground floor. But not with Spirit. With Spirit, everyone enjoys Super Fast speeds, wherever they are in the building – because we install technology that pushes the information that arrives at the building all around it without loss of speed – unlike systems that rely on outdated copper technology.

But that’s just the start of the benefits of choosing Spirit.


Less Contention, Happy Days

Secondly, and importantly, our network is designed to have less congestion during busy periods. Internet congestion, just like traffic congestion, simply means how many people in your neighbourhood are trying to travel on “your bit” of the Internet at any one time.

After all, there’s not much point having souped-up Internet if it slows to a crawl when everyone jumps on in busy periods, like the beginning and the end of the day for business, or during the early-mid evening at home, which can slow everyone down to a fraction of the normal speed.

The bad news with other networks is that we think the problem will only get worse as the Internet grows and becomes an even more integral part of our lives.

With all modern Internet technology, a claimed advantage is that theoretically it’s easier to use more than one device on the network at any one time. Perhaps you are doing something on your phone while someone else is on their laptop, and the TV is playing you a movie, for example. What’s more, voice and video calls are smoother.

And, of course, one great advantage of faster Internet is that all streaming media like movies and music can be downloaded faster. All well and good, and all that is perfectly true.

But even then, not all solutions are created equal.


Spirit is Fast… Very, Very Fast

We just simply don’t think the NBN, in all its variations, is fast enough.

For example, our business Internet speeds are right up to 1Gbps* – yes, you read that right, that’s a GIGABIT of data every second – and even beyond that in some situations. Our residential apartment plans start from 25Mbps and go up to 200Mbps*. To put this into perspective, currently the average Internet speed in Australia is 11.1Mbps**. We really want yours to be better than that! That’s why we built our own network so you can get the Internet speeds that you deserve.

Now you don’t have to go up to that fast, of course, but it’s nice to know you can if you want to. And even some of Spirit’s less fast options are still faster than others in the market, including a wide range of “NBN” plans on offer.

The Same Speed Up, Down, And Every Which Way

All our fibre Internet plans are “symmetrical”. That’s just another piece of tech jargon that means it’s as fast to upload data with Spirit as it is to download it. Which is crucially important if your business needs to communicate and share information with people as well as receive it from them. Or if you want to run your home office at the same time as the kids are blasting away on an Internet game. With Spirit, everything happens at lightning speed – up and down – at the same time. So, open your mind to a new world of interaction with clients and partners here and overseas, with HD video conferencing, files moving backwards and forwards, and “light speed” access to software and files “in the Cloud”. A brave new world, indeed.

Find Out If You Can Enjoy Spirit

Not everyone can have Spirit just yet, but we’re working on that. We always set out to be the best Internet company in the business, not the biggest. And we are adding locations (and capacity) all the time. So, to find out if you can, simply call 1800 SPIRIT and let us know where you are, and whether you are a residential apartment customer or a business customer.


Learn more about Residential Plans or Business Services and complete an enquiry form. We’ll do the rest.


*Available to qualified sites

**Akamai Q1 2017 State of Internet Connectivity Report

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