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How We Help Practioners

We understand that not one health delivery service or clinician operates exactly the same way. 

This is why we’ve created a solution that allows you to still use your own tools and also enable you to deliver your own customised approach to Telehealth. This solution allows any of your health services to run more efficiently and connect more people inside and outside the clinical team when caring for an individual. 

Our platform integrates into your existing processes and software through flexible alignment mechanisms and integration points. We’ve made sure that this process is easy to use and seamless to adopt. 

We believe successful Telehealth is not just a different way of working; it’s a more effective and efficient way of providing health care to more Australians. 

Health Centric Tools

Spirit differs from regular communication platforms as it has been tailor made for health service delivery. Many years of research has gone into creating a set of health centric tools that are secure, user friendly and configurable.

  • UI designed for clinical and patient workflows
  • Scheduling engine to create appointments
  • Real-time appointment monitoring to ensure all participants are where they should be
  • Connectivity and self-test tools to ensure acceptable connection before appointment
  • Fully updated hardware & software
  • Secure file sharing repository
  • Comprehensive video controls and screen sharing
  • Account profile management
  • Personal onboarding to get your clinic ready for Spirit consults

Your Own Look and Workflow

We understand that in healthcare, each service delivery model can vary greatly. This is why this is designed with a strong configurable architecture to suit any medical workflow you may have. This enables us to make Spirit Telehealth work, look and feel like your own internal product.

  • Your own branded Login Page
  • Your logo and colours throughout the application
  • Multiple video providers available to suit your needs and price
  • Flexible joining options for any workflow, methods currently supported:
  • Email (Plus ICS Reminder)
  • SMS
  • Registered & Guest Sign in
  • Quick Access (From Login Page)
  • Anonymous Patient Access (From Login Page)
  • Room System Support
  • Dial-in Support
  • Customisable email templates for appointment invites, cancellations and updates
  • Customisable feedback forms to collect desired information
  • Variety of plan functions available to configure features as you wish
  • Personalised help desk contact information to show your own support details
  • Personal onboarding to get your clinic ready for Telehealth consults

Integrates & works with anything

Other Telehealth products face problems with sufficient Internet connectivity, limited device & browser compatibility and a fragmented technology space where legacy and modern software are difficult to integrate. Recognising this, we have ensured support for all major platforms and built our own API (Application Program Interface) to allow integration between any software solution

  • No installation required to use Spirit
  • PC, Mac, Tablet and Mobile friendly
  • Supports all major browsers
  • Email, Calendar & SMS integration to support invites & reminders
  • Spirit API available for those that wish to integrate
  • Custom integrations available for external systems, such as your current Practise Managemt System (PMS)

Enterprise Control

We have a unique Administration system that encompasses a variety of enterprise level tools. Administrators have access to a unique hierachical system that ensures all users have the correct permission levels and data access.

  • The hierarchical user permission system ensures users can only access the appropriate data and features
  • Multi-tenancy management enables the hierachical support for many organisations
  • Robust usage reporting supplies critical information associated with VC usage and much more
  • Administrators can manage any user or organisation from a single point
  • Audit tracking for all user and organisation activity
  • All submitted feedback from Doctors & Patients can be viewed and followed up if required
  • System status and up time can be seen in real time