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Proudly Powering The Block

Proudly The Block

We have a long history of helping contestants on Channel 9’s The Block achieve their reno dreams and the production crew make your favourite reality show come to life.

Our Sky-Speed wireless Internet went ‘Sky High’ in South Melbourne (2013), shattered the ‘Glasshouse’ in Prahran (2014), powered the ‘Blocktagon’ in South Yarra (2015) and transformed the old Gatwick hotel in St Kilda into one of Melbourne’s smartest buildings (2018). In 2019 we were back again doing the same thing, but even faster at The Oslo in St Kilda.

With speeds beyond 700Mbps, we help the Blockheads research, plan and order materials, furniture and fittings. According to Scotty Cam Spirit Internet is, “one of the most important tools our contestants need” and “provide residents with arguably the fastest Internet in any residential building in Australia”.

Spirit Internet at The Block
The Oslo 2019

We're thrilled to have partnered with The Block to deliver super-fast Internet to their largest work site ever!

Luke from The Block's production team explains his need to upload significant amounts of data from Melbourne to Sydney, and how we were able to install a unique system that delivers Internet at a speed they've never seen before.

Luke, The Block's Production Team
Testimonial from the Data Manager of The Block
The Oslo 2019

Fast. Reliable. Easy.

Just three words that The Block's Data Manager Hanna uses to describe Spirit. Check out what else she has to say in our latest video.

Hanna Ekman, Data Manager of The Block
Julian Cress
The Gatwick 2018

Julian has been a part of enough frantic Block renovations to last a lifetime and knows what contestants need to be successful. Julian has been a massive fan of Spirit since we partnered up with The Block in 2013. But you don’t have to take our word on it. In this video, Julian speaks all about Spirit being the perfect solution for The Block, and how “we’re one of the most important things needed to keep The Block running”.

Julian Cress, Co-Creator & Executive Producer of The Block
The Gatwick
Spirit at The Gatwick 2018

Did you know that The Block contestants and production crew have had access to 700Mbps speeds during the renovation process on The Gatwick this year? How did they manage to access this kind of Sky-Speed Internet? That's where Mat comes in, a Spirit install legend. Mat is someone who's definitely not afraid of heights, he's aking sure the auction winners will never have to fight over Internet downloads again.

Mathew McGrath, Spirit Installer on The Block


Spirit | Fast Business Internet & Managed IT Services - Seriously Fast Internet

Bloody Fast Speeds

Which is exactly what you want when streaming 4K Netflix, hosting a video conference, playing Fortnite and socialising online all at the same time. The speed stays seriously fast

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Unlimited Data

Do what you want, when you want, as much as you want, 24×7. Because worrying about data usage is so old school

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We’re Not The NBN

Compared to us, that thing is a dinosaur. We’re wireless and delivered through the air. This is the future of broadband. We’re faster, better and different.

Spirit | Fast Business Internet & Managed IT Services - Enterprise Grade SLA

30-Day Promise

If we don’t deliver the best Internet you’ve ever had within 30 days, we promise to pack up and go home, no questions asked. But we reckon that’s highly unlikely.

Spirit - Sky-Speed Internet

Symmetrical Speeds

What does that mean? It’s simple. You can upload as fast as you download. Say goodbye to lag.

Spirit - Business Internet

Flexible Contract Options

We know nothing lasts forever so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you want to go month to month, that’s cool with us.


Ever missed out on concert tickets because your browser was too slow? How many times have you tried to open a large file at work only for the download to time out? We can’t relate. Our speeds are amazing.


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