Wires Broadband, part of the Spirit Family, for residents has a range of wireless broadband solutions for households with or without fixed phone lines.

Our Plans

Why choose Wires Broadband as your Internet service provider:

  • Range of products to suit most households 
  • Speeds up to 100Mbps* with Unlimited data  
  • Competitive prices starting at $59.95 per month and from $129 for installation 
  • Flexible contract terms – Be flexible and choose between month-to-month or save on setup costs on a 18 month term contract. 
  • Our friendly consultants will talk you through the best solution for you, in language that makes sense, and step you through the whole installation process 
  • Our Gold Coast-based office enables us to keep our fingers on the pulse making sure we can improve our coverage and customer service for the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales areas
  • No peak time slowdown and reliable in all weather
Monthly Plan WDSL-300 WDSL-400 WDSL-500
Speed Down (Minimum – Maximum)
1 – 10 Mbps
2 – 20 Mbps
3 – 30 Mbps
Speed Up
1 Mbps
2 Mbps
3 Mbps
Data Allowance (Gigabytes)
1 Terabyte
1.5 Terabytes
2 Terabytes
Price (Per Month)
Minimum Term (Months)
Extra Data (optional)
Data (Gigabytes)
Price (Added Each Month)

Power your business with
Sky-Speed Internet

We operate through-the-air, above the cables, above the traffic and above the congestion. So search now to see if you too can get on our level. Powering businesses in VIC, NSW & QLD.

Spirit - Internet for Apartments & Units

Bigger Biz Internet

Over 25 people & looking for some serious bandwidth?

Small Biz Internet

Just starting out or have less than 10 employees? We have you covered.

Spirit | Fast Business Internet & Managed IT Services - 24/7 IT Support

Voice Services

Phone calls, file sharing, chat, video conferencing and so much more.

Australia’s Most Trusted Managed IT Service Provider - Book a call

Phone Names

Boost your brand recognition with your business name built into your number.


We’re proving the Internet wrong in Australia. We supply a genuine alternative to everything you thought was possible for business Internet. Our network is built and owned by us! Here are just a few reasons to make the switch today. No strings, wires or messy cables attached.

Reliable Cyber Security Company for your IT Security Solutions - Cyber Security for Business in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Gold Coast - IT Security - Managed Wifi

Genuine Alternative to the NBN

We use the latest tech to deliver far superior voice and Internet services. To us, the NBN is a dinosaur

Symmetrical Speeds

Our upload & download speeds match. This means ultra-smooth VOIP calls, video-conferencing & large file sharing

Spirit | Fast Business Internet & Managed IT Services - Seriously Fast Internet

Bloody Fast Speeds

Overtake competitors easily with speeds up to 1Gbps & beyond

Flexible Options

Whatever combination of data and voice solutions your business needs, we can deliver it cost-effectively

Australia’s Most Trusted Managed IT Service Provider - Unlimited data

Low Latency

Our single-digit millisecond latency allows you to seamlessly process incredibly high volumes of data

Spirit | Fast Business Internet & Managed IT Services - Performance Promise

Quick Install

We’ll install you within 30 business days. Most other Telcos take months!

Getting connected
is easy!

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We’ll check to see if our network covers your home and discuss the most suitable internet service and plan for you.

We will schedule a time that suits you for our technicians to install the equipment and connect you to the internet.

Once the installation is complete, you will be ready to surf the web.

  1. All prices include GST and are charged per calendar month
  2. Speeds quoted are theoretical maximum speeds and may vary depending on other variables
  3. Call 1300 007 001 for full terms and conditions