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We are Spirit, a technology company dedicated to leveraging intelligent solutions for good.

About Us

At Spirit Business Centre, we are dedicated to providing technology solutions that align with your needs. Our focus on security, sustainability, and scalability ensures that our offerings are robust and future-proof.

We collaborate closely with industry-leading technology brands, leveraging their expertise and cutting-edge products to deliver solutions that surpass expectations in terms of quality and reliability.

As part of an ASX listed company, our partnership with you brings the assurance of a strong and reliable business foundation. Together, we can achieve excellence in technology solutions and drive success in the channel market.

A seamless partnership experience

Setting up your business with Spirit Business Centre is a simple and straightforward process, enabling you to quickly unlock new opportunities and maximise your growth potential.

Welcome to Spirit Business Centre

  • Scoping / Proposal / Signing

Quality Assurance & Finance Approval (24-48 Hours)

  • Account creation by our QA department
  • Finance approval process (24-Hour response time)

Hardware Delivery & Installation

  • Confirm / Schedule / Book
  • Confirm package inclusions
  • Schedule technician(s) hardware installation & training

Service Delivery & Porting

  • Delivery of internet & voice services
  • Porting / Provisioning of existing services / New Services
  • First transition phone bill

Project Completion

  • Hardware installation completed
  • Services ported to Spirit Business Centre