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We Bet You Have Questions,
We Have The Answers

Can I be connected to the Internet straight way?
Yes! Just use the network ethernet cable provided to connect your computer to the wall data point in your room.
1. A Spirit login page will appear when you open an Internet browser. Make sure you have turned off your pop up blocker.
2. Click on ‘new users’.
3. Enter your details and select an Internet plan.
4. Pay by credit card.

What if my computer doesn’t have an ethernet port?
You might need a USB to Ethernet adaptor. You can purchase one at Office Works, JB Hi-Fi and other electronics retailers.

How long do I have to wait to be connected to the Internet?
You don’t wait at all! You’re online as soon as you sign up.

When will I be charged for my service?
Your Internet plan is pre-paid at the start of the month and runs on a month to month contract.

What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard and most other credit and debit cards. If you’re unsure if your card is accepted, contact our Customer Care team.

The data network socket in my room is broken, what should I do?
Contact your Building Manager for maintenance.

What are the benefits of Spirit Internet?
It’s Super Fast! And it’s symmetrical. This means your upload speeds are just as fast as your download speeds. Prepare for faster backups, sharing, and video chat.

What if I want Wi-Fi in my room?
You can purchase a pre-configured Wi-Fi Router from Spirit’s online shop on our website and connect it to the data socket in your room.

How long does it take for a Wi-Fi router to arrive?
Your new Wi-Fi router is normally delivered within two to three business days.

Can I have Internet access on my mobile phone or tablet in my room?
You will need a Wi-Fi router to be able to connect to mobile phones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi enabled devices.

How many devices can I connect to the Wi-Fi?
You can have as many devices as you like. Just know that the more devices connected at the same time, the slower the connection speed may be.

I have my own Wi-Fi router from home, can I use that instead of ordering a Wi-Fi Router?
We don’t recommend this. If you connect a network device that has not been properly configured, your connection to the Spirit network may be blocked! You may be charged a call out fee of up to $180 to unblock your connection.

How do I cancel my service?
You must email disconnection@spirit.com.au for your services to be cancelled. You can cancel at any time. Any unused data for the period remaining at the time of cancellation will be forfeited.

For more information contact our Customer Care team on 1800 181 419, available 7:00am to Midnight 7 days a week, or email support@spirit.com.au

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