Learning Management System

Equip your workforce with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their roles with our modern self-service cloud-based platform.

eLearning solution made easy

A self-guided eLearning solution designed for Microsoft 365, ensuring your knowledge workers stay informed and maintain their productivity.

Drive Employee Adoption

Access all training videos within Microsoft Teams, ensuring users can stay focused with minimal distractions.

Reduce Help Desk Calls

Empower your team to learn on the go and minimise required support with a self-service video library.

Boost User Productivity

Enhance your team's proficiency in their everyday software tools and maximise their capabilities.

Upskill With Confidence

Experience expert-level training with confidence, as our online videos are crafted by industry experts.

Gain Knowledge

Unlock the full potential of Microsoft 365 with our online library, providing an efficient method for staff training and facilitating the adoption of new tools within your business. Reclaim valuable time and empower your team to excel with our extensive collection of Microsoft 365 training videos, allowing you to tap into the complete range of Microsoft's transformative tools. Our platform offers over 5,000 task-specific training videos and enables team leaders to customise learning paths for various roles within their department. Encourage proactive learning with our awards feature, and the best part? It seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Teams, ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

Take your business to the next level

With several internet connections to choose from we provide unrivalled reliability, security, and support to keep your business running without a glitch. That means less downtime, more productivity, and a happier team.

Cloud-based Platform

Thanks to our cloud-based learning platform's mobile-friendly interface your team can enhance their skills and access learning material from anywhere, on any device.

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Track Team’s Performance

Team leaders can utilise the eLearning platform's built-in dashboard, which includes tracking and reporting features, to closely monitor their department's progress and performance.

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Modernised learning

Employees can easily access online training materials, allowing them to balance learning with their work responsibilities while accommodating diverse learning styles and abilities.

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Short Video Lessons

Enhance your team's skills with engaging short-form videos featuring audio captions, making the content accessible to employees with hearing impairments and improving the learning experience for all.

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Microsoft Teams App

Enjoy a seamless learning experience via Microsoft Teams, eliminating the need to switch between different applications, and streamlining the learning process.

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Security & Compliance

Integrated online learning platforms simplifies compliance training delivery and tracking, reducing legal risks and ensuring employees stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements.

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