Endpoint Security Protection

As Australian businesses come under increasing attack from cyber threats, one of the key drivers has been a proliferation of endpoints connecting with organisational networks.

The changing face of work

The rise of work from home arrangements has dramatically expanded the threat surface. This can lead to weak links that are open to the attacks of sophisticated malicious online actors.

End-to-end Management

Outdated hardware and software that does not contain the latest security features can leave your organisation exposed to threats.

Market-proven Experience

Over a decade of experience securing millions of data points for Australia’s largest enterprises within high regulated industries.

Collaborative Engagement

Our security experts can work as an extension of your IT team, providing reports, assessments, and strategic plans.

Efficient and Scalable

Our endpoint protection is designed to scale in unison with your needs as you add new devices with access to your organisational network.

Endpoint Security

A comprehensive security strategy includes thorough monitoring of both networks and endpoints. The popularity of hybrid work arrangements with professional employees has seen organisations drastically change their number and location of endpoints as workers choose to collaborate from home, the office, a coffee shop, or almost any location with a Wi-Fi connection. These changes have heightened the risk of cyber-attack and organisations must diligently manage and track endpoint use for potential threats outside the protection of a traditional office firewall. Utilising the tools provided by world-leading vendors, the Spirit team can ensure your endpoints are able to withstand the attacks that might target your remote workforce and threaten your digital business data.

Security to suit your specific requirements

Spirit can work to establish your exact cyber needs and tailor a solution to suit your organisation’s unique endpoint security profile.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

This service delivers comprehensive 24x7 monitoring, alerting, and incident investigation. It is real time protection that helps your team remain informed of any cyber events that warrant their attention.

Incident Response

No matter the maturity of your cyber security infrastructure, all organisations should prepare for possibility of a data breach. This service includes timeline creation, forensic support, and log analysis in response to any attack.

Rapid Risk Reduction (RRR)

This service is designed to address the critical opening minutes following a cyber incident by working to contain the potential fallout and learn from the methods used to breach security defences.

Vulnerability Management

This service is the regular, ongoing process of assessing and reporting on cyber vulnerabilities across your wider network including endpoint management, system analysis, and workload monitoring.

Managed Data Recovery

The service concerns the process of recovering lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted, or otherwise inaccessible data following a breach or other form of compromise. It can prove vital in disarming a cyber-attack.

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