Security Operation Centre (SOC)

In an ever-evolving threat landscape, now more than ever, Australian businesses need a security provider who has a Security Operations Centre (SOC) at the heart of their core capabilities.

The highest level of protection

Our SOC is a market leading operation that deliver round the clock monitoring and response to high profile Australian organisations within both the private and public sectors.

True 24x7 Operations

Our SOC is staffed by a range of highly qualified security experts who are ready to respond to threats as they emerge.

Market-proven Experience

Decades of experience securing Australia's largest enterprises with a combined market revenue of more than 10 billion dollars.

Collaborative Engagement 

Our Cyber experts can work as an extension of your IT and internal security team, collaborating in real time.

Efficient and Scalable

Our programs are designed to be scalable, ready to implement, and able to deliver operational efficiencies from day one.

Spirit SOC Team

Attacks can be launched during all hours of the day and complete protection can therefore only be achieved via 24x7 monitoring and response. Spirit, through our SOC capability, can deliver such protection. Our SOC protects some of the largest Australian enterprises across critical infrastructure and NFP, as well as state government departments and agencies. We take continuous monitoring seriously, and our security operations centre is staffed by highly qualified experts from investigators, malware analysts, threat intelligence officers, threat hunters, and high-level engineers around the clock. With over a decade’s worth of experience, our trust and respect as the industry’s leading SOC provider stands alone.

Security to suit your specific requirements

Spirit can work to establish your exact cyber needs and tailor a solution to suit your organisation’s threat profile and data security status.

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

This service delivers comprehensive 24x7 monitoring, alerting, and incident investigation. It is real time protection that helps your team remain informed of any cyber events that warrant their attention.

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Incident Response

No matter the maturity of your cyber security infrastructure, all organisations should prepare for possibility of a data breach. This service includes timeline creation, forensic support, and log analysis in response to any attack.

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Rapid Risk Reduction (RRR)

This service is designed to address the critical opening minutes following a cyber incident by working to contain the potential fallout and learn from the methods used to breach security defences.

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Vulnerability Management

This service is the regular, ongoing process of assessing and reporting on cyber vulnerabilities across your wider network including endpoint management, system analysis, and workload monitoring.

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Managed Data Recovery

The service concerns the process of recovering lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted, or otherwise inaccessible data following a breach or other form of compromise. It can prove vital in disarming a cyber-attack.

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Microsoft Uplift Capability

The service is designed to uplift your Microsoft 365 license level, includes advanced security features such as, robust compliance capabilities, identity and threat protection, and automated functions to reduce organisational risk.

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Security Operation Centre (SOC) Essentials

Enjoy 24x7 monitoring and response capabilities to protect your organisational data from attack. This service delivers levels of defence that are traditionally available only to enterprise sized businesses.

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Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

An expertly conducted PIA can determine your current data privacy risk profile and help mitigate a range of potential threats including legal, financial, regulatory, operational, and reputational dangers.

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