Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) 

Within the everchanging compliance landscape, organisations are now required to adhere to greater levels of regulation from both industry and legislative bodies.

Minimising your legal and insurance risks

The evolving role that GRC plays in the business world requires eternal vigilance. Changes to legislative requirements can dramatically alter your risk profile significantly.

Reputable Intelligence

Our team of experienced GRC experts can provide your organisation with the latest updates in regulatory compliance and requirements.

Market-proven Experience

Over a decade of experience securing millions of data points for Australia’s largest enterprises within high regulated industries.

Collaborative Engagement 

Our GRC experts can work collaboratively with your legal and IT teams to ensure compliance.

Efficient and Scalable

Our programs are designed to be scalable, ready to implement, and able to deliver operational efficiencies from day one.

GRC Team

Requirements vary from one sector to another, and change is the only constant. Our team analyses and integrates regulatory and industry best-practice frameworks, combining COBIT 5, PCI DSS, ISO 27000, NIST SP800-53, and CIS to ensure an exhaustive approach to your security roadmap. We complete a comprehensive state assessment, gap analysis, and ensure your organisation meets the highest  standards and thereby minimises its risk to punitive outcomes and reputational damage.

Security to suit your specific requirements

Spirit can work to establish your exact compliance needs and build a cyber roadmap solution to suit your organisation’s requirements to ensure complete legal compliance.

Rapid Risk Reduction (RRR)

This service is designed to address the critical opening minutes following a cyber incident by working to contain the potential fallout and learn from the methods used to breach security defences.

Security Platforms Review

Our experts can review your current security platforms to detect weaknesses that might leave your organisation vulnerable to attack. The findings can ensure you are maximising your security investment.

Awareness Training

These tailored programs are designed to create a resilient culture of cybersecurity awareness, through a series of security topics, industry specific examples and exercises. The programs encourage employees to learn the value of information as custodians.

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