Managed Disaster Recovery

Improve your overall infrastructure security posture and ensure uninterrupted business operations even during crises, with minimal downtime.

Protect your critical infrastructure

Disaster recovery is a critical aspect of every business's IT strategy as it ensures the safety and protection of valuable data, guarding against potential disasters and threats that could otherwise lead to significant data loss and operational disruptions.

Ensure Secure-by-design

Our SOC is staffed by a range of highly qualified security experts who are ready to respond to threats as they emerge.

Market-proven Experience

Decades of experience securing Australia's largest enterprises with a combined market revenue of more than 10 billion dollars.

Collaborative Engagement 

Our Cyber experts can work as an extension of your IT and internal security team, collaborating in real time.

Efficient and Scalable

Our programs are designed to be scalable, ready to implement, and able to deliver operational efficiencies from day one.

Be Ready & Prepared

The future is unpredictable. While no business courts disaster, the consequences of a data breach can be catastrophic. DRaaS prepares your business for almost any scenario by storing your data and IT infrastructure in a secure cloud environment. This foresight will allow for ready access and recovery in the advent of a disaster, be it theft, flood, fire, or cyber-attack.

We know that every business is different. Our team will tailor your managed disaster recovery of IT systems, applications, and infrastructure to suit your specific organisation’s needs and ensure business continuity and minimize downtime.

Maintaining uninterrupted business continuity

Our managed disaster recovery solution protects you from the worst-case scenarios, ensuring you are protected should the worst happen. Alleviate unnecessary stress by implementing a disaster recovery plan, so you'll know your most valuable assets are safe, no matter what happens.

Disaster Recovery Team

Our team of specialists will be dedicated to designing, executing, and overseeing your disaster recovery strategy, ensuring swift action in times of crisis.

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Minimising Downtime

Enabling businesses to minimise downtime, ensuring swift data recovery and seamless business continuity planning for any unforeseen events.

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Protect Data Assets

Critical business data is safeguarded and protected from loss. We can help recover vital data and information quickly, ensuring the continuity of essential operations for your team.

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Maintain Business Trust

Maintain customer trust and confidence in your business's ability to continue operations during a disaster while preserving a positive reputation in the market and among stakeholders.

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Enhance Resilience

Provide your business with a stronger foundation for long-term success, increased resilience to disruptions, and enhanced preparedness against ransomware attacks and other cyber threats.

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Mitigate Financial Loss

Mitigate financial loss and gain a competitive edge by quickly recovering from disasters. A robust managed disaster recovery strategy demonstrates reliability and commitment to your customers.

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Whether you're just starting your journey to the cloud, looking to optimise your existing infrastructure or improve your cyber security posture, we're here to help.