Managed Firewall

Your workforce is now more mobile than ever. While this is a positive development for worker freedom and flexibility, it does widen your cyber threat surface and must be managed accordingly.

24/7 always on threat protection

Your team accesses business data from more locations and end-use devices than previously thought possible. The latest security protocols call for dramatic changes to how responsibility, process, and technology is managed.

Proactive Threat Detection

Our service employs proactive threat detection to identify and counter potential risks before they infiltrate your network.

Effective Firewall Configurations

Our expert team tailors firewall settings to match your specific needs, implementing a multi-layered defense strategy.

Unified Security Management

Our solution integrates diverse security components into a centralised system, streamlining monitoring, analysis, and response.

Reduce OpEx Investment

Eliminate the need for in-house staff, training, and infrastructure investment by outsourcing experts to manage your security.

Next-Generation Firewall

Our managed firewall solutions help shield your organisation and its data from the threat of cyber-attack. It’s a next generation service that secures your network and its user applications, whether hosted on-site or in the cloud. Combining cutting-edge monitoring of traffic and private networking support, your organisation benefits from state-of-the-art firewall technology managed by a team of Spirit IT security experts who work to detect and mitigate threats before they occur. Managed firewall services help minimise time consuming and resource-heavy challenges and unify security management for this critical line of defense, while saving your organisation money.

Enterprise-grade firewall protection

Protect your business, employees and data from cyber threats with a next-generation firewallsolution managed our security experts.

End-to-end Firewall Management

Our services encompass end-to-end solution design and implementation, continuous service monitoring, efficient hardware management, high availability clusters, and offers a robust User Access Control.

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Centralised Access Control

Managed firewalls offer a centralised management interface for easy configuration, monitoring, and reporting across multiple locations, with a dedicated portal providing real-time analytics. They are cloud-ready solutions and offer pathways to SD-WAN or SASE.

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Comprehensive Firewall Support

We provide support for multiple firewall vendors, offering both physical and virtual appliances with application-aware security, while ensuring continuous threat intelligence updates.

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Pathway to SD-WAN/SASE

Configuring a firewall that serves as an SD-WAN/SASE pathway enhances security through advanced threat detection and response capabilities, while also futureproofing the network to adapt to evolving technological requirements.

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Security & Scalability

Our managed firewall offers both security and scalability because it combines robust security features to protect a network from cyber threats while also allowing for flexible scalability to accommodate an your growth or changing needs.

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Increase Compliance

Partnering with Spirit to managed your firewall ensures that your business follows industry rules, preventing fines, legal issues, and damage to your reputation. It also reassures users that their data is handled correctly.

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