Incident Response

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) defines a cyber incident as an unwanted or unexpected cyber security event, or a series of such events, that have a significant probability of compromising business operations. We can help you minimise the impact of a concerted online attack, to contain the damage and protect your reputation.

Support following a cyber attack 

All organisations should be prepared for the possible ramifications of a data breach, cyber threat or cyberattacks. Your first actions within the initial hours will prove critical to halting, containing, and limiting the damage.

24/7 Incident Support

Our incident response capabilities are on constant stand-by should their expertise ever be required.

Market-proven Experience

Over a decade of experience securing millions of data points for Australia’s largest enterprises within high regulated industries.

Collaborative Engagement

Our response team can work as an extension of your IT team, collaborating to address an incident in real time.

Efficient and Scalable

Spirit specialises in security solutions that are quickly implemented and will grow in concert with your organisational requirements.

Incident Response

No matter their level of cyber security, all organisations should be prepared for a potential breach. This means planning a response that both limits the damage and learns from the incident. Within Spirit we have a team of incident responders that has extensive experience across multiple industry sectors. They are trained to deal with a range of attacks and the implications of a breach, both minor and easily contained, or more extensive. Our experts are trained in timeline creation, forensic support, and log analysis to trace an adversary’s actions and provide a full picture of the attack. Incident response capabilities are like medical first responders, you hope to never need them, but it's reassuring to know they are standing by, just in case.

Security to suit your specific requirements

Spirit can establish a cyber security roadmap tailored to suit your organisation’s threat profile and data security requirements based on industry compliance.

Endpoint Security Protection

The proliferation of endpoints connecting to organisational networks as employees work from home has dramatically increased the security threat surface. We can help manage your endpoints to lower the risks posed.

Managed Data Recovery

The service  concerns the process of recovering lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted, or otherwise inaccessible data following a breach or other form of compromise. It can prove vital in disarming a cyber-attack.

Vulnerability Management

This service is the regular, ongoing process of assessing and reporting on cyber vulnerabilities across your wider network including endpoint management, system analysis, and workload monitoring.

Security Operation Centre (SOC)

The Spirit SOC provides 24/7 monitoring and expert response capabilities to some of the nation’s largest ASX listed companies. It is also trusted to provide round-the-clock protection for NGOs and government departments.

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