Managed Backup Solutions

A managed backup solution is an important first step to ensuring you are protected against data loss, increase your business resilience and meet regulatory compliance.

Protection & backup you can count on

Managing data protection is a big feat for many businesses. And it can rapidly become expensive when it’s not handled efficiently. We’re can remove the burden while providing reassurance that you are protected from worst-case scenarios.

Data Backup Expertise

Our certified engineers and project managers provide seamless implementation and 24×7 support.

Reduce Business Downtime

Minimise disruptions and maximise productivity with swift and efficient data restoration.

Maintain Data Sovereignty

Your data is stored in a top-tier Australian data centre that meets the strictest regulatory requirements.

Backup Designed For You

Cater to your auditing and regulatory requirements, by retaining data for 7 years if necessary.

Increase Resiliency

The ongoing success of your business depends critically on its data security. In an increasingly digital age, many organisations are opting for cloud-based solutions to manage their ever-accumulating data. This is now considered the most cost-effective way to store the troves of information that must be stored and archived.

Whether your goal is near-zero data loss or long-term retention to comply with industry regulatory requirements, traditional methods of keeping back-up tapes and hard drives in various locations are now considered to be outdated and ineffective.

Secure data management solution

A managed backup service built to protect all phases of your evolving data life cycle, and protect against cyber-threats, both today and into the future.

Automatic Data Backup

Ensuring critical business data is regularly backed up and stored securely. Protect your business against data loss due to hardware failures, cyberattacks, human errors, or natural disasters.

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Compliance & Legal Requirements

Our managed backup solutions help companies meet specific data retention and privacy regulations by securely storing data and providing audit trails, ensuring compliance with the required standards.

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Include Managed Disaster Recovery

Consider a more holistic approach that includes disaster recovery planning and implementation to ensure swift recover from major disruptions and maintain critical operations with minimal downtime.

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Increase Productivity

With a managed backup solution, your team can focus on their tasks and projects without the fear of losing important data, promoting productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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Managed Data Recovery

This service revolves around retrieving data that has been lost, corrupted, accidentally deleted, or made inaccessible due to a breach or compromise. It plays a crucial role in mitigating the impact of a cyber-attack.

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Data Replication

Gain the flexibility to replicate your data both on-premise and off-premise, ensuring duplicate copies across multiple storage systems or locations. Experience real-time restoration capabilities, minimising downtime and disruptions.

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