Email Protection

One of the most important aspects of communication in any organisation is email. Safeguard your email messages and prevent your business from possible cyber threats and email assaults, by taking appropriate measures.

Defend your email against attacks

Our email protection solutions provide comprehensive email risk management. They reduce the risk, complexity and cost typically associated with email management solutions.

Enhance Business Security

Minimise disruption with an email spam filter and security solution that also protects against attacks.

Increase Productivity

Enabling users to manage their own lists of blocked and permitted senders, reducing calls to the help desk.

Email Authentication

Support mail validation technology including DKIM and DMARC to help prevent email spoofing and phishing attacks.

Efficient and Scalable

Our solutions are designed to be scalable, ready to implement, and able to deliver operational efficiencies from day one.

Secure Email

Almost all businesses with more than two employees use email, making it a critical component of organisational communication. Emails enable employees to communicate quickly, easily, and with a variety of devices. Unfortunately, email is a top threat vector because its ubiquitous nature. It is in an open format that can be read on any device without decryption if intercepted. Cyber criminals employ a variety of tactics to hack email. If successful, these attacks, can cause considerable damage to an organisation’s data and/or reputation. Some common email attacks include spoofing, phishing, malware, and spam. Educating employees about email protection and cybersecurity is crucial to enhance their awareness and knowledge, enabling them to recognize and respond effectively to potential threats, thus reducing the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.

Email protection best practices

With our email protection solution, your organisation can protect your people, data, and brand. We support cloud, hybrid, and on-premises installations with virtual or physical appliances.

Spam Filtering

An effective filter can detect spam and either prevent it from hitting your inbox or file it as junk mail. Spam filtering is essential to prevent malicious emails, phishing attempts, and unwanted messages from reaching your inbox.

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Email Encryption

Email encryption can disguise corporate email by changing communications into a garbled sequence of letters, numbers, and symbols that an interceptor can’t read. Email encryption is crucial because it prevents unauthorised access to the content of your emails.

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Antivirus & Malware Protection

Antivirus and malware protection screens emails and attachments for possible viruses, providing the user with a warning if anything suspicious is detected.

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Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

An SEG filters out potentially dangerous mail according to the settings of an IT administrator. Acting as a frontline defense against a wide range of email threats and maintaining the integrity of communication within an organisation.

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Impersonation Protection

This layer detects and prevents impersonation, business email compromise, and other forms of targeted attack. Protecting against sophisticated phishing attacks and social engineering by mimicking trusted sources.

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Employee Education

Educating employees about email protection is crucial to enhance their awareness and knowledge, enabling them to recognise and respond effectively to potential threats, thus reducing the risk of data breaches and cyber attacks.

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