Email Signature Management

Empower your ability to design, manage, and implement company email signatures, while igniting a powerful marketing channel using top-tier email signature management solutions.

Power up your email signatures

Gain the ability to design, oversee, and implement company email signatures. Ensure brand consistency with a cloud-based email management platform that seamlessly integrates with your email environment.

Easy Automation & Syncing

Ensure your contact information remains current through effortless and automatic synchronisation from your directory.

Seamless Integration

No IT skills needed. Easily integrates with your email system, compatible with Office 365, Google Workspace, and Exchange.

On-Brand Email Integrity

Maintain on-brand and compliant emails by incorporating the appropriate legal disclaimers and compliance messaging.


Monitor real-time click and enhance marketing campaigns with engaging designs using your employee's email signature.

Security First

Ensuring top-notch security, our email signature management solution is fully compliant. It guarantees high availability and reliability across 12 regional Azure datacenter locations worldwide, boasting an impressive 99.99% uptime. The cloud-based platform solutions undergo thorough, independent auditing to obtain certifications and attestations of compliance with standards like SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, Cyber Essentials, and other regulations. We offer Microsoft and Google sign-in options for single sign-on (SSO), enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA), and conduct security scanning during development and on our infrastructure.

Cloud-base email signature management

Unlock the ability to design, oversee, and implement company email signatures while igniting a new marketing channel through world-leading email signature management.

Maintain Legal Compliance

Businesses face numerous regulations concerning data privacy and security. Our email signature manager ensures that corporate emails adhere to legal compliance by incorporating suitable email disclaimers.

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Ensure Brand Consistency

Maintain email signatures that are on-brand and up-to-date. The cloud-based platform also caters to diverse branding needs across different departments and regions, ensuring your organisation always looks professional and unified.

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Automate & Self-serve

Ensure accurate contact information with automated syncing from your email directory. Empower non-IT staff to manage signatures, reducing delays and enabling faster responses to changes while retaining IT control.

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Microsoft Office 365

Leverage top-tier designs and incorporate social media icons, promotional banners, disclaimers, and other elements with ease. Customise numerous templates tailored for individuals, departments, or your entire organisation.

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Google Workspace

Create the ideal company-wide email signature effortlessly for Google Workspace's user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, requiring no graphic design or HTML expertise.

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Microsoft Exchange

Explore features and capabilities beyond those offered in Microsoft Exchange. Handle email signatures online instead of using an Exchange server. Effortlessly transfer your templates when transitioning to Microsoft 365 (Office 365).

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