Microsoft Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams Calling is an all-inclusive cloud-based communication platform that empowers your organisation to maximise employee collaboration.

Optimising communication for hybrid work

With the growing availability of flexible working environments, the need for tools that facilitate seamless communication for both employees and customers has never been greater.

Easy Integration

A complete PBX replacement with call centre functionality powered directly within Microsoft Teams.

All-in-one Platform

Unlock additional savings on our internet offerings by bundling them with selected communication & collaboration solutions.

Rapid Deployment

Enjoy fast provisioning to eliminate downtime and deliver a familiar user experience for your team.

Cost Savings

No expensive phone line installation and ongoing maintenance are required but at the same time receive advanced telephony features.

Microsoft Environment

Microsoft Teams Calling takes your existing collaboration solution and elevates it into a unified CommTech experience. It seamlessly integrates your beloved feature-rich digital collaboration tools with the power of cloud voice calling, all accessible through your current business phone line. This unified voice and meeting platform provides a comprehensive enterprise-grade hub for all your business communication needs, simplifying the way you run your operations and connect with your colleagues and clients.

User-centric collaboration platform

Help your team communicate and collaborate more easily and efficiently with customers via Microsoft Teams Calling. This solution allows them to use Microsoft Teams in a seamless and user-friendly way.

Mobile-first Experience

Empower employees in remote, in-office, or hybrid work environments with the flexibility of Microsoft Teams Call and devices that fit the way you work.

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Comprehensive Call Features

Enjoy set of standard voice functionalities, including features like direct dialing, call retrieval, handling multiple calls, accessing the corporate directory, using the dialer, and conducting call transfers.

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Scalable Solution

We've created flexible pricing options designed to accommodate a wide range of business needs, spanning from essential office requirements to comprehensive remote capabilities.

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Software Integration

Enhance the fundamental calling capabilities in Teams by adding call recording, interactive voice response (IVR), call queuing, hold music, and CRM integration.

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Easy User Adoption

Microsoft Teams Calling provides a familiar user experience, simplifying adoption. For those already using Microsoft licenses, it effectively extends your Microsoft OS capabilities into a powerful collaboration hub.

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Microsoft 365

Enhance your existing Microsoft 365 subscription by integrating Microsoft Teams Calling into your business environment. We can also help you select the best Microsoft license for your organisation.

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