Managed SD-WAN & SASE

Our solution enables you to make the most of your digital transformation investments by optimising network performance and security, both with your current systems and as you continue to improve your environment.

Upgrade your network & increase security

Traditional networks are not capable of providing the flexibility, resiliency, or capacity to support cloud applications that require remote access. There is a growing need to secure user access to the cloud from any location and at any time.

Comprehensive Cyber Security

Our advanced SD-WAN & SASE solution provides strong protection against cyber threats, allowing secure access to business applications.

Bolstered Resilience

Our solutions work across various networks, if there's an outage, our system quickly redirects traffic to the next best link, following SD-WAN policies.

Enhanced Connection

Enjoy uninterrupted access to essential applications with increased traffic bandwidth efficiency, ensuring critical data follows the optimal pathway.

Simplified Management

Spirit's SD-WAN solution provides ongoing support, saving IT resources, and delivers real-time updates and insights into your network activities.

Streamlined Connectivity

With more organisations now offering hybrid and remote work arrangements, there is a growing need to secure user access to the cloud from any location and at any time. Cloud hosted services have proven a game-changer for remote workers. That’s why many organisations are switching to Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) utilising Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). This cloud friendly set-up enables organisations to manage multiple users across locations while ensuring security is maintained for all endpoints. SD-WAN also helps organisations maintain their productivity and service levels, even when facing network challenges or outages by ensuring uninterrupted network connectivity and application access.

Reimagine the way you connect

Managed SD-WAN best suits organisations looking to improve overall network performance andsecurity across multiple locations.

Enhanced Security & Network Performance

Experience advanced security features, protecting your network from cyber threats with real-time threat detection and response capabilities and optimise network traffic, ensuring that critical applications run smoothly.

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Business Continuity

Minimise disruption to your business operation with an SD-WAN solution. By ensuring uninterrupted network connectivity and application access, SD-WAN helps you maintain your productivity and service levels, even when facing network challenges or outages.

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Application Prioritisation

Harness the power of SD-WAN's intelligent traffic prioritisation, which ensures your organisation's essential functions operate smoothly while efficiently managing network resources based on the criticality of your business applications.

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Zero-Touch Provisioning

ZTP simplifies remote deployments, increasing efficiency by reducing the need for on-site technical expertise, streamlining the setup and ongoing maintenance of network equipment and devices, ultimately saving valuable time and resources

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Flexibility & Scalability

Futureproof your network with a SD-WAN solution. Our service offers both scalability and flexibility, accommodating your network's growth seamlessly while providing adaptable configurations to meet changing business requirements.

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Support & Maintenance

We provide support and maintenance, guaranteeing the continuous operation and security of your network. Our team ensures that any issues or potential threats are promptly addressed, providing you with peace of mind and uninterrupted connectivity.

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