Our backup services use technologies that operate through the air, meaning there is no risk of rogue fibre cutting ever impacting on your connection.

If you’re serious about your Internet and maintaining business up-time, get in touch with us today.

Business Without Internet

We need it now more than ever. What would happen if you went through an indefinite Internet outage right now? How much would it cost your business? This is the kind of hassle no Australian business should worry about right now.

You wouldn’t run your business without insurance, so why would you run your business without insurance for your Internet? For so many Australians, our businesses rely on the web. Having a backup connection in place is going to ensure our businesses can continue to operate if there is an outage.

Your choice

Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realise the importance of having a back-up connection until it is too late. When you can’t afford to be offline, this seems like an ultra-affordable insurance policy.

What is our
backup Internet connection?

We’ll ensure that your business stays connected to the Internet when your primary service provider experiences an outage.

From start-ups to huge banks and manufacturers, Internet disruptions don’t discriminate. It’s an issue all businesses need to be serious about.

Having a bit of ‘spare Internet’ waiting in the wings for when your primary service experiences an outage just makes sense.

All it takes is one construction worker digging in the wrong place and accidentally cutting a cable. Just like that, no more internet.

Worst case scenario, your back-up service can redirect your data to another network, keeping end-users connected and working with minimal-to-no noticeable disruption. Set up properly, the secondary Internet connection is virtually seamless

The 4 key reasons to consider backup Internet

Spirit - Business Internet

Business continuity

Your customers and suppliers rely on you to have a steady Internet service. You risk annoying them – or losing them, if you don’t.

Reduce downtime

Your business systems can take some time to ‘catch up’ even after your primary Internet service comes back on. Avoid this hassle with a secondary service.

A small price to pay to minimise risk

Keep your business running, no matter what is going on in the world

Increase productivity

Faced with an Internet outage, your staff will become extremely frustrated and will stop working. Having a back-up is just good management.

why choose our backup connection?

Fixed Wireless Backup Internet

We’ve developed our own advanced network using fixed wireless (through the air) technology which is a perfect solution as your backup connection. Our fixed wireless network provides a fast and reliable connection, giving you more assurance that your business will remain connected if your primary service goes down. 

4G Backup Internet

Using tried and tested 4G technology, if your primary connection does go down, Spirit’s 4G Backup will automatically kick-in and keep you seamlessly connected and productive until your main service is restored.