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Get your business in the fast lane

Express install in 5 days*

* Limited time only. T&C's apply.

*Average top fixed Internet download speed Ookla Speedtest Awards Q1-Q2 2018

Rated Australia's fastest internet Provider

All of our plans offer symmetrical speeds up to 1Gbps. 
This means you can upload as fast as you download resulting in ultra-smooth VOIP calls, video-conferencing & large file sharing.


We like to think we’re much more than just a leading wireless business Internet provider. We’ve also developed our own advanced fixed wireless network, which means we can give our customers uncongested Sky-Speed Internet all day, every day! By investing in the most exciting Internet technology around, we continue to create our very own advanced fixed wireless network, which operates through the air and above the traffic and congestion. We believe that Australian businesses deserve better, faster Internet. So that’s exactly what we’re giving you.

BUNDLE Your Internet & Voice Requirements

Perfectly pair Spirit business-grade Internet with our Unified Communications solution – Spirit Cloud UC

Spirit Cloud UC delivers all the communication and collaboration tools your business needs, and will scale easily up or down as required. It also allows your business to make effective remote working a reality, and speeds up communication across all of your teams with ease.

Redundancy as a service RAAS

What would you do if your internet connection shutdown right now? How much money could your business lose if it was down for an hour? Or even a whole day?

Redundancy as a Service (RaaS) is your ultimate plan B. We come to the rescue as soon as your primary provider has an outage. RaaS is a super-fast wireless solution that is truly independent of your primary connection.

WHY choose Spirit?

Sick of the NBN bringing you down? At Spirit we’re taking the high road. Here are just a few reasons to make the switch today. No strings, wires or cables attached.

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Bloody Fast Speeds

Overtake competitors easily with speeds up to 1Gbps & beyond

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Quick Install

We’ll install you within 30 business days. Most other Telcos take months!

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Genuine Alternative to the NBN

We use the latest tech to deliver far superior voice and Internet services. To us, the NBN is a dinosaur

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Symmetrical Speeds

Our upload & download speeds match. This means ultra-smooth VOIP calls, video-conferencing & large file sharing

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Low Latency

Our single-digit millisecond latency allows you to seamlessly process incredibly high volumes of data

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Flexible Options

Whatever combination of data and voice solutions your business needs, we can deliver it cost-effectively


“You say you’re ‘Different. Better.’ So if you are not the NBN – what are you…?” We love this question!

At Spirit, we’re different. And better. That’s because we operate through-the-air: above the cables, and the traffic, and the congestion down on the ground – there’s less resistance up here.

We’ve built our own independent network to be a genuine alternative to the NBN, because we believe Australian businesses deserve better, faster, more reliable services. We call it Sky-Speed Internet.


Ever missed out on concert tickets because your browser was too slow? How many times have you tried to open a large file at work only for the download to time out? We can’t relate. Our speeds are amazing.

Check how your current Internet provider stacks up here.

*Average top fixed Internet download speed Ookla Speedtest Awards Q1-Q2 2018


  1. Promotion valid from 1 October 2019  to 31 October 2019
  2. Standard express installations only
  3. Offer only valid in QLD and VIC
  4. $1800(Ex GST) express installation fee payable in addition to standard installation fees
  5. Offer only available for new Spirit business customers connecting to 50Mbps up to 1Gbps Spirit Sky business plans. Express install does not apply to voice or fibre services.
  6. 5 business day express install time is subject to site survey and preliminary checks.
  7. Where relevant, the customer must have suitable permission from the building manager, owner and/or owner’s corporation to have their chosen plan’s services installed within 5 business days
  8. The customer must provide access for Spirit technicians at a mutually agreed install date and time

Pigs really do fly with Sky-Speed Internet

Get your business express installed in 5 days*

Get a no-obligation service qualification today. It’s super quick, like our Internet. No strings attached, we promise.