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Spirit Telecom will gladly give customers a refund during the warranty period where products supplied are:

1. Defective
2. Broken down or suffering from a serious default or
3. Not suitable for their intended purpose

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Service Descriptions

ADSL2+ are high speed, broadband Internet access services which operate on a copper telephone line at your premises. These services allow you to access the Internet and use your PSTN telephone service simultaneously.

The actual speeds for the service can vary substantially due to many factors. These include distance from local exchange, quality of phone line, EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference), the number and type of other services using the line, the capacity of the uplink, and customer’s modem/router.

Customers on ADSL2+ plans who are more than 3kms from the telephone exchange and/or with poor quality telephone lines may be limited to ADSL2 (G992.3) or ADSL1 (G992.1) modulation for stability purposes and due to technical limitation of Telstra infrastructure.

It may not be possible to provide an ADSL2+ service due to limitations (RIMs, Sub Exchanges, etc) or incompatibility with a third party carrier’s network. You must have a qualified copper pair at the service delivery address for the ADSL.

Ethernet over Copper (EoC), also referred to as Mid-band Ethernet (MBE), is the newest type of data packet transmission technology available. Traditional copper wires, known as Plain Ordinary Telephone Service (POTS) lines, are used to transmit data from the customer’s location to the ISP. Metro Ethernet over Copper fills the gap between traditional telecom circuits (T1/ DS3) and fibre based products.

Although EOC uses the same copper lines as DSL, EOC and DSL they are NOT the same. EOC is always symmetrical, meaning your business gets the same upload and download speeds, whereas most DSL (and Cable) is asymmetrical, with more download than upload speeds.

EOC is provided via on site Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that is used to bond 4 to 8 pairs of POTS lines to supply a fast Ethernet connection to your office. The delivery of multiple loops offers a distinct level of redundancy, allowing continuity of services in the event any line failures occur.

Security Tools

A PIN number for your fixed line service can be obtained by calling Spirit Telecom client Services, there is no cost for this.

Your Spirit Telecom internet service is protected by a user name & password, this can also be obtained by calling Spirit telecom Client Services, there is no cost for this.

Spend Management Tools

Spend Management Tools

Spirit utilises the suppliers CDR’s for all unbilled usage, there may be a delay of up to 48 hours for this to appear on the customer’s account. Customers can view their unbilled usage at any time by logging into the online selfcare portal if they are unsure of login details they can contact Customer Care for login instructions.

Tools for customer’s without internet access: Spirit Telecom customers can contact Customer Care to obtain information on pricing & usage.

Spend Alerts

If your Spirit service includes a data allowance or dollar amount of usage, then Spirit will notify you when: 50% of the expenditure & or the data allowance which forms part of the included value in your plan 85% of the expenditure & or the data allowance which forms part of the included value in your plan 100% of the expenditure & or the data allowance which forms part of the included value in your plan, then charges will apply once 100% of the included value or data has been used. That the information in the notifications may be up to 48 hours old That the notification does not included calls or SMS to overseas or usage outside Australia

Estimate Usage:

Providers must provide information that assists consumers in estimating their usage, e.g. by providing information around how much data different activities consume on average or which bandwidth/speed is likely to be required (e.g. You Tube, Skype, downloading a movie, surfing the internet, playing games etc.).

  • a normal movie xvid format has 700MB or 1,4 GB. Depending on your internet connection and the peering that your ISP has with other ISP’s then it may take a long time or a short time. Shortest time would be about 63 seconds at 11Mbit/s which is about 100mbit/s connection.
Post Sales Assistance

Spirit Telecom will provide any post sales assistance for all the products & services by calling us on 1300 007 001 or by email

Product Descriptions

SNOM 720 phone: This product has a 12 month Warranty
Plantronics headset for SNOM 720: This product has a 12 month Warranty