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We are filling the gap in a $49B Australian industry.

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About Us

ASX-listed Spirit Technology Solutions (ASX:ST1) is the technology destination for Australia’s leading businesses. 

So how is Spirit disrupting the IT and telco markets? 

Because Aussie businesses are looking to have all of their IT and telco needs catered for under one roof, with one support point and on one monthly bill. 

While Spirit started out providing Sky-Speed Internet, it has evolved to offer a complete suite of IT services including super-fast business Internet, managed IT support, cyber-security, voice/phone and cloud storage, to businesses, hospitals, schools, and aged care providers.
Spirit’s services fill a major unmet gap in the market – where the big players have fallen short. 

Underpinning organic growth opportunities, the company’s digital sales platform, Spirit X is Australia’s leading aggregator of telco and IT products – and can instantly connect over 90% of Australian businesses with the best solutions to suit their needs. 

Lead by a dynamic and experienced Executive and board Team, Spirit has delivered rapid growth in recurring revenue via its acquisitive and organic growth strategies. The Company shows no sign of stopping and looks forward to sharing the next phase of growth with shareholders.

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