Managed IT Services
designed to save your time

Increase business productivity and reduce costs – outsource your IT

With Sprit’s Managed IT Services, you’ll get:

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Predictable Monthly Fees

Get no nasty surprises when it comes to invoice time.
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Peace of Mind

Stop being frustrated at your desk! Enjoy complete IT protection and business continuity.
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We Deliver. Consistently.

24/7 support. Your tech doesn’t stop, so why should we?

We offer a full range of Managed IT Support Services

Managed IT Services

When IT works well, so does your business

Outsource your day-to-day IT activities and free up your staff for important projects that support growth.

We’ll handhold you through an IT journey that frees you from the burden of IT management. Sit back and enjoy as we actively improve your business processes and support your people to work simpler and smarter.

Enterprise Grade Managed WiFi

Easy and professional WiFi for your business

WiFi is the life-blood of the modern office, and with our Managed Service you get the full deal: a secure, integrated WiFi network, coupled with slick, professional guest WiFi access via our custom self-registration portal.

Dump your cables and go wireless with Spirit!

Cyber Security

Always-On Protection

An attack can come from any source, so all of your security products and tech must work together to form a robust security solution.

Leverage the latest security technology to protect your business against the most advanced threats.

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Infrastructure as a Service

We’ll take care of all of your hardware

Minimise the cost of owning your own tech and reduce your reliance on limited internal IT resources.

Move away from your legacy IT systems and outsource the equipment used to support your operations, including storage, hardware, servers, and networking components.

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Internal networks can be a hassle

Let us take care of it for you with our comprehensive network management services. From firewalls to switches to routers, Spirit will set up and maintain your internal network for you, giving you the time to focus on your core business. Put the “work” back into “network” with Spirit Managed Network services.

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Disaster Recovery

We can right most wrongs

A disaster in your business can lead to devastating results. We provide a backup and recovery plan for the worst-case scenarios impacting your IT and Internet service. Your business continuity is protected, ensuring minimal disruption, rapid data recovery and a quick return to full operational capacity.

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Online Backup

It sounds simple, but we do it right

Data is critical to a modern business, but most storage platforms don’t include automatic backups by default. Regain your peace-of-mind with Spirit’s Online Backup. Our solution ensures your critical data is safe, secure, and available when you need it.

Safeguard data from cyber-attacks, accidental deletion, hardware failures and natural disasters.

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Desktop / Laptop Maintenance

Let us manage your day-to-day user and technical support

Leave your fleet of end-user devices including desktops, laptops, tablets etc in our hands.

Whether you require ongoing IT support or hands-on maintenance, we create custom support plans that suit your needs and business goals.

How Spirit’s Managed IT Services work

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Book a FREE discovery call

To understand your current IT issues and goals. No obligation discussion.
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Get your IT on track

Stay on proactive by keeping your systems up and your problems down.
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Long-term business results

Get access to a complete IT department and return to focusing on running your business.


Go even faster with Sky-Speed Internet

Your business can also take advantage of
Sky-Speed Internet
. We’ve developed our own advanced fixed wireless network, which means we can give you uncongested enterprise-grade Internet all day, every day! All of our plans offer unlimited data and symmetrical speeds up to 1Gbps.