Security Operation Centre (SOC) Essentials

Today’s ever-evolving cyber security environment demands constant 24x7 vigilance. Such protection can only be delivered via a SOC, an operation beyond the internal capability of most organisations.

Access our assembled talent

The Intalock powered SOC Essentials Service grants access to a battle-hardened team that boasts experience across a variety of complex customer environments.  Our people are talented, trained, accredited, and expertly managed to produce world-class results.

Designed for mid-market

Using Microsoft Sentinel SIEM, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, and automation tools we deliver an affordable SOC solution to mid-sized businesses.

Rapid response capabilities

24x7x365 “eyes on glass” analyst coverage to triage and escalate cyber incidents that require a response. Escalation teams stand by to react accordingly.

Trusted and respected

The services are managed, monitored, and maintained by the same analysts and responders who provide SOC services to Australia’s leading organisations.

Visibility and transparency

Access to a Service Delivery Manager, Monthly Meeting, and Security Dashboard allow your team to remain connected and informed of SOC activities.

Spirit SOC Team

Establishing and maintaining an internal SOC is a costly, time-consuming, and laborious undertaking that most mid-sized businesses cannot complete. It demands significant investments of time and capital. Our SOC Essential Service grants access to an established team of investigators, malware analysts, threat intelligence officers, threat hunters, and high-level security engineers with decade’s worth of experience. The service allows your organisation to avoid the highly prohibitive barriers to SOC entry while enjoying its continuous protection. Our trust and respect as the industry’s leading SOC provider stands alone, and this service is now available to organisations like yours.

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