Is It Time Your Business Had an Internet Backup Plan? | Spirit

Is it Time Your Business Had an Internet Backup Plan? A damaged cable has left a number of businesses without Internet for more than 24 hours. A construction crew in Melbourne’s east accidentally severed a fibre cable Wednesday morning, causing an immediate outage across the city. There’s currently no ETA on when service will be restored. It’s a news story we’ve all heard before. Some of us have been unfortunate enough to be one of the businesses caught up in it. From startups to large corporations, Internet outages don’t discriminate – and their impact can be just as damaging, whatever your [...]

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Why Managed IT Services are Beneficial for Business | Spirit

Why Managed IT Services are Beneficial for Business Managed IT Services have become more commonplace over the years – and with good reason. Once upon a time, businesses were able to focus their efforts wholly toward the products or services they supplied. But as technology has advanced in the workplace, and businesses have become more reliant upon the integration of different tools, platforms and systems, there’s been a need for dedicated IT professionals to manage this capability. That’s why having a dedicated IT service provider is critical to ensuring everything runs seamlessly at all times. Keep reading to learn more about [...]

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Examples of the IoT for Business | Spirit

Save Your Business Money with the Internet of Things By 2020, it’s predicted that there will be 24 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things¹. We’ve all heard the home automation examples: Your smartphone alarm wakes you up in the morning just as your coffee machine automatically starts brewing. When you leave the house, your air conditioning switches to standby. Once in the car, your GPS syncs with your calendar to find the best route to your next appointment. And let’s not forget, that milk you finished this morning with your coffee? Your fridge has already added it to your [...]

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What Makes Spirit Internet “Different. Better”? | Spirit

What Makes Spirit’s Internet Network “Different. Better”?There’s a lot of confusion surrounding Australia’s telecommunications industry. It’s hard to know who exactly is selling what, whether they’re reselling something else, and whether any of it is actually any good. But when you’re running a business – or simply working for a company and trying to get your work done – you need an Internet connection that you can rely upon.While the Government have built the National Broadband Network (NBN), their model is geared predominantly towards residential customers. For businesses, there’s still a myriad of technology options from a range of providers.One of [...]

Relocate Your Office Without Losing Productivity | Spirit

How to Relocate Your Office Without Losing Productivity Whether your office is ten people or one hundred, moving is a tough job! And if executed poorly, it can lead to hours of wasted time – all at your company’s expense. Almost puts you off even attempting to move, right? Thankfully, there are steps you can take to make sure you remain productive throughout your office relocation. The key is good time management and even better support. Keep reading to learn more. Plan in advance It should go without saying that an office relocation requires a lot of planning well in advance. [...]

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A Real Alternative to the NBN: Sky-Speed Internet | Spirit

A Real Alternative to the NBN – And it’s Bloody Fast We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the NBN is a dinosaur! Prehistoric before it even began, it doesn’t have the capacity to support a business in today’s digital age. That’s why Spirit offers Australian businesses Sky-Speed Internet – a genuine alternative to the NBN. Our fixed wireless network provides you with the speed you need to get ahead. Interested? Read on to learn more about the NBN and how Spirit plays on a completely different level.What is the NBN?The NBN is Australia’s largest government infrastructure project to [...]

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Switch to Super-Fast Fixed Wireless Business Internet | Spirit

No Wires, No Worries: It’s Easy to Make the Switch to Fixed Wireless Internet One of the biggest concerns for any business when switching vendors is whether it’ll be worth the effort. There are far too many businesses out there sticking it out with below average CRMs, HR software – and Internet connections – out of fear the transition to a new provider will be far too difficult. Rather the devil you know… In the case of Internet access, who has time to waste on the phone to your new provider, chasing up the progress of the connection? What if something [...]

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Surprise! We’ve Acquired Another Company | Spirit

Spirit acquires Phoenix Austec Group in $1.6m deal In a move that will continue our expansion into the Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) sector, we’re proud as punch to announce we’ve just acquired another company! We’re fast becoming a one-stop-shop for all things business IT with the acquisition of Phoenix Austec. Our focus is on making life simpler for Australian business owners, so we’re continuing to take the leg work out of business IT by consolidating IT and Internet services all in the one place. Need Sky-Speed Internet? IT Services? Cloud Services? Unified Communications? Phone Numbers? Top-Notch Customer Service? It’s all [...]

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What is Fixed Wireless Internet? | Spirit

What is Fixed Wireless?: The Internet Your Business Needs You may have already heard of fixed wireless Internet. The technology has been a part of the NBN’s multi-technology mix (MTM) network in regional areas, where their FTTN, FTTP and HFC networks would be far too costly to install for geographical reasons.But like the rest of their network, the NBN’s fixed wireless technology has also come under fire from the ACCC.1 Many customers are still facing congestion during the busy period, and many are not receiving anywhere near the maximum speeds advertised in their plans.That’s why it’s understandable that you may not [...]

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Go international with Sky-Speeds – what country has the fastest Internet?

What country has the fastest Internet and how does Spirit stack up? When the NBN roll out was announced, Australia was promised world-class Internet speeds across metropolitan and rural regions. Nearly 10 years and 51 billion dollars later, our Internet speeds sit at the rather uninspiring position of 59th in the world. So, which country has the fastest Internet? Countries like Singapore and South Korea have Internet speeds well over double and triple our national average.However, there’s no need to pull out your passport and take a holiday in pursuit of faster Internet speeds. You can stay on home soil (or [...]

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