How does the Internet get to Australia?

From here to the world! The 5 fibre optic submarine cables connecting Australia to the globe. If you’re reading this blog, congratulations, you’re one of 3.2 billion people using the Internet today! We couldn’t imagine life without it, but chances are, you don’t know how the Internet actually gets to these fine Australian shores and ultimately, into the device in front of you. Anyone over the age of 25 would probably remember the dial-up days where you had to unplug the phone so you could connect to the Internet. Oh, such cherished memories. So how does something like the Internet, a [...]

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Working From Home Survival Guide

How to stay productive and connected Thanks to cloud technology, high-speed Internet and a large range of collab apps (like Google Drive & Slack) working from home is becoming easier by the day. Why wouldn’t you want to roll out of bed a bit later, skip the morning commute and work in your activewear? That all being said, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Ask most people who work from home on a regular basis, and they’ll tell you it's a double-edged sword. You might get a lot of work done, but you often sacrifice the social aspects that come from [...]

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NBN Faults: How to avoid congestion

Future-proof your home. Don’t get stuck in the NBN traffic jam. From TVs and laptops to cars and fridges, the future is endless when it comes to your home going online. Make sure your Internet can handle it. There’s been a bit of noise created lately that congestion on the NBN’s network is a real issue that is only getting worse. And with no plans to update the already out of date fibre to the node technology, there are also no signs that the NBN is going to be getting better, any time soon. What is Internet congestion, and why is [...]

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How to find the best Internet provider

Have you had enough of slow Internet? Are you disappointed with the NBN in your area? Here’s how to find the best alternatives you have available. There are plenty of alternatives out there that have proven themselves better than the slow and already out of date NBN. With fibre to the node the only option in many areas, it's no wonder that Australians are looking into fixed wireless Internet alternatives that connect right to their home with a faster and better connection. With NBN network congestion now worse than it’s ever been, looking into alternative providers who don’t slow their customers [...]

4 Key Factors in Choosing the Best Internet Provider For Your Business

Are you constantly frustrated with how slow things are moving at work? Do you just want to be able to get things done? We don’t feel your pain, but thousands of Australian businesses do. Slow, unreliable Internet can be the main cause of these problems. Having the right suppliers helping you run your business is paramount to your productivity, and having the right ISP supporting you can increase sales and efficiency on a grand scale. In a nutshell, choosing the right Internet connection for your business should be a top priority. Here are some things to be aware of to make [...]

Sky’s the limit? We prefer no limit at all. We’re giving customers a Whopping 10 Gigabit Upgrade.

We’re upgrading our whole network to increase speeds more than ten times for customers, and allow new areas and new customers to ‘get the Spirit!’ We here at Spirit have one goal. To show as many Australians as possible that there is a genuine alternative to the NBN. You don’t have to settle for a slow, already out of date fixed-line carrier. Sky-speed, fixed wireless Internet is what it’s all about, and we’ve taken yet another giant leap towards being Australia’s leading NBN alternative with the introduction of our 10 Gigabit ring upgrade. What is the 10 Gigabit ring upgrade? To [...]

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Forget the hype – Spirit customers are already getting 5G technology

Spirit Telecom launched Australia’s first 5G services technology in 2017 – ahead of high street giants and the NBN Our head-honcho of sky-speed Internet, Spirit CEO Geoff Neate, stirred the pot at the 2018 CommsDay Summit recently. He let Australia know that we are already providing Spirit customers technology that has now been ratified as part of 5G. Geoff then took things a little further by saying that 5G will not be available to Telstra and Optus customers until next year, while the 5G tech we are using (beamforming) has been in use on our network since 2017. Needless to say, [...]

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We’re lighting up Horsham with 5G Tech and a sky-speed Internet ring

Regional Victoria will be the first to get a taste of 5G tech and sky-speed Internet, thanks to Spirit's new $1.7 million deal with the Victorian State Government. See the press release below: Spirit Telecom has signed a $1.7 million deal with the Victorian State Government to deliver super-fast internet, using 5G technology to the state’s regional city of Horsham. After a thorough tender process, Spirit has been awarded the job to take on the project and is thrilled to be delivering its super-fast Internet in the region. The deal will enable the rural community and businesses of Horsham, a population [...]

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A History of Wireless Internet, and how we’ve used one of Australia’s greatest inventions to give the country super-fast internet.

A brilliant Australian inventor, exploding black holes in space and Stephen Hawking. What a tale. Did you know that the work of a Sydney born, Australian engineer by the name of John O’Sullivan, led to the invention of wireless Internet? It’s a technology used by billions of devices around the world every day, and it all started right here, down-under. We’ve managed to build our own sky speed network thanks to John’s amazing legacy. But long before our start in 2005, just how did the invention of wireless come about? Back in the 80s, John O’Sullivan was fascinated by Stephen Hawking’s [...]

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Talk to the cloud, because the copper lines aren’t listening

Move your phone systems to the cloud with Australia’s fastest rated Internet provider The world is moving to the cloud, and it’s happening now. With older technology like copper telephone lines being shut down around Australia, a future in the cloud is becoming more present every day. From a business perspective, cloud-based systems mean we now have the opportunity to connect with people everywhere, from anywhere. Imagine the possibilities of running, or being a part of a truly virtual work environment. Phone calls, chat, file sharing, video conferencing and so much more, all done from your mobile, laptop or desktop. Manage [...]