Spirit Collaborate with Cisco Webex

Collaborate with Cisco Webex Installation and Usage Instructions

Install on your desktop or mobile phone:

  1. Download Collaborate software for your Desktop and/or Mobile client here:
    Collaborate with Cisco Webex download page – Desktop and Mobile clients
  2. Follow the installation instructions.
  3. Use Spirit-provided credentials to log in.

Get Started with Webex

Spirit Collaborate Webex Interface

Let’s begin by getting familiar with the Collaborate Webex interface and functionality, as shown below:

Webex Desktop for Windows and Mac:

Webex on iPhone:

Webex on Android:

Customise your audio and video preferences

When you make or receive a call, the app automatically detects the audio and video devices you have connected to your computer, such as a headset. You can change your settings right before you make a call, like if you want your video on or you just want it to be an audio call only. You can also make some of these your default settings if you’d like.

You can customise your video settings:

  • Choose what camera to use.
  • See yourself like you’re looking in a mirror (Mirror my video).
  • Blur your background or use a preset or custom virtual background.

You can also personalise your audio settings:

  • Choose a headset, speaker, or microphone.
  • Reduce disruptions with background noise removal and speech enhancement.

Call someone on Webex

You can call anyone connected to Spirit Collaborate Webex. You can call direct, add guests to the call, share your whiteboard, and share your screens. You don’t need to use their phone number; you just need to be connected to them in the app. Just look for the Audio or Video icon.

Answer a call

When you get a call, you get a notification that you can use to accept or decline it. If the person calling you has a Webex account, you can also message the person back if you’re not able to take the call right away.

Call someone with a phone number

You can also call anyone else with a phone number. When you call like this, it’s just like making a regular phone call from any other type of phone. When you’re in a phone call, you may have access to certain features. Here are just a few features available:

  • Put a call on hold—If you’re on a phone call with someone and you get interrupted with something else that you need to take care of, you can put the call on hold and resume it when you’re free to chat again.
  • Transfer a call—When you’re on a call, you can transfer that call to someone else.
  • Forward a call—If you’re going to be away from your desk but don’t want to miss an important phone call, you can forward your calls to another phone number.
  • Add someone to your contacts—You can add people to your Contacts list, making it easier to connect with the people you message and call most often.
  • Voicemail—Don’t worry about missing important calls. People can leave you a voice message and you can listen to the message right in the app.