How to read your Hardware Invoice

The images below show a sample of a typical bill. To find out more about an item on the bill, refer to the number next to that item.

Note that the bill image below is not your actual bill. It has been provided for illustrative purposes only.

  1. Your Customer Account Number with Spirit
  2. Issue date of Tax Invoice
  3. Your PO Number if Provided to Sales on Ordering
  4. This is the Spirit Quote Number for the signed quote this invoice relates to.
  5. Opening Balance on account before this invoice was generated.
  6. Payments made since last invoice generated.
  7. Credit and Debit Adjustments made since last invoice generated.
  8. Balance owing on account before new charges.
  9. New charges invoiced
  10. Total Amount due on account
  11. Due date of latest charges
  12. Invoice number for this invoice
  13. Invoice/billing address
  14. The delivery address for the hardware (will be different if hardware delivered to different address)
  15. New charges on this invoice
  16. GST amount for new charges
  17. News charges including GST
  18. ABN details for billing entity.
  1. BPay Details for Payments
  2. EFT bank details for payment
  3. Contact details to pay by Credit Card over Phone.

The next pages contain list of items invoiced along with any serial numbers for related hardware.