Understanding your first bill

To help you understand your first bill, we have outlined some of the charges you may be curious about or need some help with.

If you need further help understanding your bill, see our bill explainer here.

  1. Pro Rata Charges
    When you connect to the Spirit Network, billing for your service commences from the Installation date. Because Spirit’s billing period runs from the 1st of the month, your first bill is often a little higher than a normal month because it will include the extra period between when your service was installed and the start of the billing period.

    For example, if you connected on the 16th of January, you would receive your first bill in February.

    In addition to charges for the month of February, your first bill would also include a charge for the dates between the 16th of January and 31st of January. We call this a Pro Rata charge.

    You will only see a Pro Rata charge on your very first bill. Your bills will return to normal after this.
  2. Upfront Credits
    You may notice an upfront credit on your account. This is represented on your bill as a negative balance under “Previous Balance”. The reason this appears on your first bill is to indicate the initial payment made in the ‘shopping cart’ when you first sign up to Spirit on the Spirit website.
  3. Add-On
    If you have selected any Add-Ons for your service, charges for these will appear on your first bill. Express Installation incurs a once off charge of $45, while other Add-Ons including Static-IP or Calling Packs will continue to be charged to your account until you cancel them.
  4. No Lock-in Contract
    If you have chosen a No Lock-In or Month to Month contract, you will see an additional charge on your first bill to cover set up costs. These costs are a once off, and will only be applied to your first bill. 18 Month contracts do not incur a setup cost.
  5. Missed or Rescheduled Appointment
    It’s important to be available for your connection appointment. If you miss this appointment or reschedule with less than 48 hours’ notice, you may be charged a once off appointment rescheduling fee of $129. This will appear on your first bill.